FIFA 18 is arguably the most anticipated football game each year, and as expected, this year was no exception. With Cristiano Ronaldo as main reference we may have the most solid entry in the FIFA series so far.

Initial release date: September 29, 2017
Series: FIFA
Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (tested), Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports, EA Canada
Publishers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports

Graphics and gameplay

Fair notice for this section: This review is based on the Frostbite 3 version (available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). The Impact version (available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch) is vastly inferior.

You can see improvements in both facial and corporal expressions, the ball, stadiums, swellings, movements and player celebrations. There is a big difference with the previous version in terms of graphic visualization and that influences a lot when it comes to playing a match. Among the new features, we can notice a greater fluidity in the movements of all the players, a faster response time in the movements and the accomplishment of the stadiums with their respective swellings and chants. It not only improves the flow of the match but also does its best to take the game to the next level, feeling a higher sense of realism all around. While the most famous and well-known players in the football environment are well-succeeded in FIFA 18, still those who have less fame or those who do not play in known teams do not completely resemble who they really are. Granted, it will not shake the barebones of the polished gameplay, but it will affect the immersion for the most hardcore fans.

The Journey

Originally introduced in FIFA 17, The Journey is a campaign type of mode where we played as Alex Hunter, an amateur player that wanted to get into the Premier League with the other stars. Scoring and making vital decisions were just a few of the options the player had to build a legacy.In FIFA 18, “The journey” brings us back not only to Alex Hunter but also to some new characters with new goals to achieve. In this new iteration our beloved Alex travels the world with a more solid and complete plot than before, divided in six chapters with a set of different objectives. In this version we will have the opportunity to customize our player choosing hairstyle, clothing and even adding tattoos. You can also see that the decisions made in Alex Hunter’s career can change history and have far more significant consequences. Also Alex knows new characters within his career. These can be used and played in short, independent stories.


FIFA Ultimate Team is a card game where we must build our team based on the cards we have. We have to get up from the tenth division to the first competing with teams created by other FIFA players. These cards are classified as Bronze, Silver and Gold and can be traded in the domestic market. We also have the possibility to buy packages inside the game to reinforce our equipment.In FIFA 18 was introduced a great novelty: Playing with emblematic figures. There is the possibility that in the packages you can play legendary figures like Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele, Ronaldinho, etc. While the possibility is minimal, this keeps the fans excited and motivated when opening these packages.Another innovation introduced in this new version is the inclusion of the graphics engine Frostbite when opening a package, showing the player who has touched it. This gives it a distinctive, very good and innovative touch by opening the packages in a more exciting way.

Music & Sound

FIFA 18 has a soundtrack composed by musicians and artists of various kinds.There are songs from Lord and  The Exx, but we will also have new songs likeDjango Django and Run The Jewels. It should be noted that the composer JunkieXL has been in charge of putting music to the story of Alex Hounter. You canfind the playlist of FIFA18 in Spotify to enjoy it. As for the comments of the rapporteurs, I think they are very similar to otherversions. Although most of the time they are correct in the comment about theaction that is being done in the game, it is true that sometimes they are wrongand comment something that does not really happen.I found the ambient sound in the stadiums very good and is very much like theones you hear when you watch a game on television

Should you play it? Absolutely yes. I believe FIFA 18 is a special and successful iteration able to do better what already did best: To be the most realistic football game. With new features all around with special focus on graphics and the inclusion of unique expressions in players, EA is taking the FIFA series to the next level while also delivering what fans were asking for. Let’s hope for FIFA and EA to continue this path.