Outlast 2
Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a perfect blend of gore, atmosphere, tension, jump scares, creepy people, misery, adrenaline, despair and an unforgettable plot. One of the scariest games you will ever play.

Outlast 2

Initial release date: April 25, 2017
Engine: Unreal Engine
Developer: Red Barrels Studio
Series: Outlast
Genre: Survival horror
Platforms: PlayStation 4 (tested), Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Outlast 2
Outlast 2

In 2013, Outlast redefined the survival horror genre by making you completely defenseless against deranged and bloodthirsty monsters and patients in an asylum. The only tools at your disposal were a camera with a definitely not enough for the situation battery life and your wits.

Outlast 2 will take us to Mount Massive in Colorado and down to the desert landscape of Arizona. We will play as Blake Langermann, a loving husband and professional cameraman. The game starts with Blake and his wife Lynn on an helicopter trip to an isolated area with little to non-interaction with the outside world. It is in the very first 5 minutes where everything takes a dramatic turn and the helicopter abruptly crashes and leaves you separated from your wife.

Outlast 2 - Night Vision
Outlast 2 – Night Vision

Blake awakens alone and injured. Lynn is missing. But it is only when we find the pilot partially naked and mutilated when we start to suspect that things are a little worse than just being stranded in an isolated area far from civilization. This is the set for Outlast 2. We need to find our wife and get the hell out of a place that is everything but friendly.

For the most part, a lot of the story is told through notes and just observing your environment. The game is linear enough so I won’t spoil anything from the story, but it is fair to say the plot is good and it is important for you to observe and read the notes you will find. The more you pay attention and read, the better you’ll understand the world around you and the cult you are trying to escape from.

Mechanics wise, the game is pretty similar to the first one and that is why it is so good. You are unable to fight. You are just a cameraman and your only companion is your camera. Your only options are to run or hide, and more often than not, it will be too late to do that. Good news is, in addition to being able to turn on our camera’s night vision mode to see and sneak around in the dark, this new camera features a microphone and it allows us to hide while also being able to determine what direction enemies are in and how close. This is very useful for when peaking from a corner is just not possible.

Outlast 2 - Night Vision II
Outlast 2 – Night Vision II.

Other than the camera, we won’t have any tools to make use of other than bandages to heal. For tricky situations we will be expected to have learned our surroundings and delay our pursuers by locking doors, pushing a book case in front of them, hiding under a bed, in a closet, or jumping thru windows hoping nothing worse is waiting on the other side.

Temple Gate also feels more open than the Asylum. Instead of being confined to small cells, halls and corridors, we are able to explore most of the houses and places, learning about the town we are in while doing so. Outlast 2 feels bigger while still keeping us on a path forward to the next area, and while this is important due to the genre of the game, sometimes it feels just too linear and slow. For the most time, we will be physically moving forward through the environment but from a story perspective, nothing will be happening. We will experience and witness terrible things like child molestation, sexual assault, very intense violence, suicide, you name it, but there are little to none major revelations in the whole game. Once the story has been set in the first act, we will find ourselves running from point A to point B and not much else. You will be required to use your imagination and read every note if you want to know more.

Outlast 2 is a perfect blend of gore, atmosphere, tension, jump scares, creepy people, misery, adrenaline, despair and an unforgettable plot. One of the scariest games you will ever play.