Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a fantastic and polished sequel developed by Respawn Entertainment. It features a faster and aggressive gameplay, with an exquisite campaign and an even better multiplayer.

Titanfall 2

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2

The original game made a huge impact in the genre. It garnered praise for mixing pilots with massive mechanized death machines, among other goodies like wall running. The only thing that Titanfall lacked was a single player experience, and Respawn Entertainment took notes from that complain. And then it released a sequel with an amazing campaign.

The story in the universe of Titanfall is as simple as it can be. An evil empire is trying to rule the galaxy and a rebellion is fighting them, using several planets as the battlefield. There are elite troops in both armies, simply referred to as “pilots”. These superhuman soldiers are fast and deadly on their own, capable of wall running and double jumping but also capable of operating mechanized death machines armed to the teeth with devastating weaponry and unique abilities: shields, teleportation and chest-mounted super lasers. These beasts are called Titans.

The 6 hours long single-player experience in Titanfall 2 starts with a short movie lauding the abilities of the Pilots, showing off their immense skills, before giving you the control of rebel Rifleman Jack Cooper, who’s training to become a pilot when his regiment gets stranded on a mysterious planet. You wake up to find your mentor dying after he saves your life. He gives you control of his Titan, BT 7274, and charges you with finishing a secret mission involving something called the Ark. Each pilot and their Titan are bound to each other through the pilot’s helmet. Throughout the game, you will enhance this bond and learn that your Titan isn’t just a hunk of metal. Instead, it has a personality. The story fills in the missing half that the original game lacked and features wide variety of fun ideas. It’s the relationship between him and his newly inherited Titan that gives Titanfall 2’s campaign its surprising sense of heart. The sequel quickly establishes a wonderful conflict between vulnerability and empowerment that feels exquisite.

And while it is full of surprises, like a time travel mechanic and moments full of adrenaline, it serves one and only one purpose: to teach you how to play before heading online. Each level you will be given guns that fit the situation and enemy type. The same goes for your Titan load out, and it even allows you to change your Titan load-out on the fly in the campaign, letting you experiment with each setup. And trust me, you better take advantage of this feature.One of the biggest achievements in Titanfall is balance. Whether you’re on-foot as a Pilot or in the cockpit of a Titan, the game is immensely satisfying, and the inter play is even better. The game features a seamless transition between Pilot and Titan modes. Pilots can use their speed and agility to take down other Titans, so it never feels one sided. The basics of running and gunning remain a satisfying constant. A team of parkour-savvy Pilots armed with special anti-Titan weapons can bring one to its knees with surprising brevity, while a team of Titans is a formidable brute force on any battlefield, capable of an incredible level of destruction. Both are fun, both are good, both are useful, and each of them fulfil a specific niche.

And the variety enhances the eight multiplayer modes. With a handful of great, new, bigger, fabulously designed and visually varied maps, Respawn Entertainment expands the solid mechanics of the original game with customization. You can fine tune your Pilot and Titan with a bigger list of abilities, new types of grenades, better perks and a larger roster of different weapons, each with their own individual customizable attachments. An entirely new lineup of Titans makes the game far broader, too, and on top of that it adds cosmetic paint jobs to be even more unique on the battlefield. Mix it all together and you have a fantastic and well thought progression system, offering upgrades and rewards to keep your matches always fresh and with something new to play with and try. Most importantly, anything that’s unlockable can be unlocked by playing more or by spending credits earned in-game to unlock something that you just can’t wait for.

The multiplayer is where the longevity of the game lies and where you probably invest most of your time. There are a several game modes. Most of them are different variations of Deathmatch, like Coliseum which pits Pilots vs Pilots, Free For All, Skirmish for small scale conflicts, the classic Capture the Flag, etc. There is something for everyone. For me, my favorite modes by far are the objective focused modes like Bounty Hunt and Amped Hardpoint. Bounty Hunt involves taking waves of AI enemies to earn bounties. Once the waves clear the banks open and you can deposit your earnings. If you die before banking, you lose half of your earnings. The strategy is clear for this mode, but knowing that you should bank your $400 earnings doesn’t make it any less stressful when you need to cross the map to make a deposit. Amped Hardpoint is like any point capture mode except that you earn double points for capping a point longer and staying on it. This points are not usually easily defendable, adding some significant challenge to this mode.

Titanfall 2 is a fantastic and polished sequel with a fun and interesting campaign. It features a faster and aggressive gameplay, with a fast, frantic and exciting multiplayer. If you are on the fence, go get it.

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