What’s the problem with videogame movies? Historically, they have sucked. Games back then had minimal plot though, and translating the half assed excuse plot from a platform game into a 2 hour movie is HARD. So, a little slack can be cut there. And as the years go by, they keep on sucking however. Why?

I believe that previous failures simply meant that Hollywood wouldn’t bother. That and no current film makers grew up with videogames, leaving them clueless about how to go about them. Videogames are complex storytelling devices where interaction is key, which is the point films kept missing.

When it was first announced that an Assassin’s Creed movie would be made, this is what went through the head of every single fan of the series.


While the trailer won’t tell us much about the final outcome, it’s an important glimpse on what is to come.

That was… actually not bad! The absolute WORST part of this trailer is the music selection. Seriously, someone picked KANYE WEST as the artist in a HISTORICAL action film? Bad rappers aside, the visuals are impressive and it’s enough to give hope.

And the story takes place far away from the main games! The animus parts will be set during the Spanish Inquisition and the ones in the present day feature a completely new set of main characters. Distancing itself from the established plot will really help the film find its own place and be judged on its own merit instead of as an adaptation. And who knows? Maybe some of it will be canon.

What I liked:

  • Michael Fassbender. I have faith in the man.
  • Free-running! I’m glad they didn’t cut parkour out, but some of the flips were unnecessary. Ah, who cares? Rule of Cool.
  • A female Assassin main character. The game gets right something that Ubisoft took it’s sweet time doing.
  • Abstergo done right! Creepy, industrial-like and secretly controlling the world.

What I hated:

  • Robotic arm thingy animus. Seriously. They could have done something cool with VR, I heard it’s all the rage now. But no, you went with the manhandle-bot.
  • Kanye West. I can’t stress this enough, if his music makes it into the movie I refuse to go to the theater.

Bonus: Patrice Désilets, the creator of the series- who has since left Ubisoft-, had this to say about the trailer.

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