Trench Run
Trench Run

Trench Run, the latest game from Transhuman Design – the studio responsible for multiplayer hits such as Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold – is scheduled to be released on April 7th, just a few hours from now. It will be available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Trench Run
Trench Run


  • Unique team-based “Run” mode for 2-10 players
  • Free-for-all Skirmish mode for 1-4 players (perfect for a fun evening with friends)
  • 5 classes with special skills to choose from (Assault, Sniper, Demolitions, Commando and Medic)
  • Semi-random destructible maps
  • Down on the ground? Grab a medikit and continue fighting!
  • Play basketball and meet new friends between rounds
  • Spend coins on drinks and cigarettes from the VIP bar
  • Buy customized costumes and pet animals
  • Local couch-based and online multiplayer available
  • Designed to be easy to pick up and play

Trench Run is also social

The game features a unique truce phase – you can socialize with the enemies at the bar after blowing them up in the trenches, play basketball, have a dance contest, buy yourself a costume… or a pet crocodile. All of this while listening to a feel-good gypsy jazz soundtrack recorded by professional jazz musicians.

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