Organic Panic
Organic Panic

Last Limb Games released Organic Panic just a few days ago. A physics puzzle platformer set in a world where Meat and Cheese have gone corrupt and Fruit and Veg must fight back to restore the balance. Jump, swim, and stomp your way while using magic and special powers in over two hundred destructible levels with fully interactive dynamic fluids in both single player and co-op.

Organic Panic

Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (tested), Microsoft Windows
Publisher: Last Limb
Developer: Last Limb

Organic Panic
Organic Panic

The Story

Organic Panic’s story is told through a comic book-style slideshow that is completely optional, but with really fun and silly puns to read. A band of fruit and veg: Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut against a legion of heavily armed meat and cheese. An old apple will guide his organic friends on a magical quest, while a twisted billionaire baby cheese will stop at nothing to destroy every last one of them.

The Gameplay

Organic Panic features a physics puzzle platformer with a bit of action and shooting. Our protagonists are magically enhanced and can use elemental powers: Cherry controls EARTH. You can shoot at enemies or destroy the ground and dig your own tunnels, or even smartly destroy pillars to smash your enemies. Kiwi controls WATER, and has the ability to swim faster than any of their friends and is able to drown their enemies. Quickly fill up the levels of water and swim out of there victorious without even a fair fight. Carrot controls FIRE. It is a ninja-like carrot able to climb walls, roofs and sneak past their enemies and traps. Coconut controls GRAVITY. It is able to move objects and enemies pretty much at will, and is also able to fly.

Organic Panic
Organic Panic

The Meat & Cheese cartel come armed with a mechanical arsenal of destruction. Big pieces of ham that are able to deliver some big punches, sausages with jet packs and futuristic riffles, badass pieces of cheese with rocket launchers, you name it. From annoying meatballs to cowboy like pieces of cheese throwing dynamite, you must fight back to restore the balance.

The Levels

Organic Panic is structured in multiple chapters, each corresponding to various numbers of stages. While most of them are easy to rush from start to finish, you get special stars for taking your time and solve mini puzzles that will allow you pick a special crystal, defeat your enemies and escape safely. Levels start easy –as they should-, with some simple but effective tutorials, and quickly turn into a complete chaos with god knows how many enemies on the same map, each of them firing missiles, Uzis, throwing dynamic, etc. Eventually levels will add switches, portals and different objects that will allow you to fly and bounce to add some dynamism to the levels. While objectives are set in stone, you can play the game as you want.

The D.A.F.T System

Organic Panic features the D.A.F.T System (Destructible and Fluid Technology). You are able to pretty much destroy any kind of ground you want. You can dig up your own tunnels thru earth, melt ice, etc. Liquids are also fully renderer in real time, and you can quickly fill the levels of water (as long as you have the necessary amount of energy) to drown your enemies.

The Multiplayer

You have a few different modes to tackle the campaign with a different approach, or to simply take a break from it. The coop allows players to work together as a team to solve and battle their way through levels, while the Vs Mode adds new powers to fuel chaotic battles. The coop has levels for two, three and four players. Unfortunately, you must complete the Cold (easy), Warm (normal) and Hot (hard) levels, all of them for two players, before being able to unlock a mode for three players. If you want to play with four, you must complete all previous mentioned modes. The Vs mode is a little more flexible, allowing you to decide how many players you want, the mode (objectives, pick collectibles or kill your opponents for points). You can decide how many matches to play before deciding who wins, and you can tune up or down the duration of each match. As a bonus, each mode as a leaderboard for bragging rights.

Organic Panic is a solid game. With a compelling plot, different character abilities and polished platforming mechanics, I can recommend the title for fans of the puzzle platformer genre. I’m not sure about the single player campaign, but the multiplayer mode with its chaotic battles is completely worth it.

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