Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III

So… you have already beaten the game and you are tinkering some builds for PvP? here are some useful facts for you.

Dark Souls 3 Stat Softcaps
Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3 Stat Softcaps as of patch 1.03

27 VIG gives 1000HP; 50 VIG gives 1300 HP; and 99 VIG gives 1400 HP.

40 END. You get 10 extra stamina by leveling endurance up from 40 to 99. Not worth by any means, but it’s there.

VIT doesn’t cap at all for equip load. You have a base of 40 equip load, and you get 1 per point of Vitality; therefore at 40 VIT you have 80 equip load, and 99 VIT you have 139 equip load. No soft or hard caps at all there. Remember VIT also gives you tons of defense, not just equip load.

LCK is 40-60-99. Item discovery works the same way with luck as equip load works for vitality; you start with a base of 100 item discovery and gain 1 per point of luck, all the way up to 99.

The curve on FP from attunement is inconsistent. Between 10 and 35 attunement it bounces around between ~6 and 10 FP per point. After 35 it goes down to 2-3 FP per point. The spell slots break down as follows:

Attunement Slots
10 1
14 2
18 3
24 4
30 5
40 6
50 7
60 8
80 9
99 10


40 Soft for both Str and Dex, 60 for the next softcap. Strength also raises your defenses until 40 and even a little bit afterwards.

Finally, 40-60-99 Faith and Intelligence get a fairly consistent boost all throughout but you’d still get a lot of damage from plenty of stuff after 60.

Since LCK is a dead stat for pretty much any PvP build. There are interesting builds based around luck I won’t go into detail but we have yet to see its full potential. The Warrior and Pyromancer are the most efficient starting classes as far as allocating stats in the long run as they both have the lowest LCK stat at 7. What the characters start with is completely irrelevant.

For the min/maxers out there: the warrior would save you 3 points overall in terms of having the least amount of stuff you don’t need, unless you want the attunement slot. The Knight is still a good option since LCK / LUCK is pretty much a dead stat for PvP.

Warrior: 7 (LVL) + 6 (ATN) + 8 (INT) + 9 (FTH) + 11 (LCK) = 41
Knight: 9 (LVL) + 10 (ATN) + 9 (INT) + 9 (FTH) + 7 (LCK) = 44

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