Adorables is a physics based game that, true to it’s word, features cute critters that want to play. Featuring six gametypes, and tons of customization options, here it is!

Developer & Publisher: White Rabbit Games
Platforms: Windows (tested), Windows Phone, Android

Play nice


Cute, funny blobs: the game

The game has a very high cutesy feel to it, from the goofy character design to the cheerful music. The gameplay is quite simple, you click and drag your “Adorables” to where you want them to go and how fast. Then it’s a matter of outsmarting your enemy, which can go from frustratingly simply with the AI to entertainingly complicated when you match with other humans.

Design wise the game is gold. It looks straight from a children’s TV show, which worked pretty well for the Angry Birds folks.

The goal of the game is to have fun, making this a nice way to kill time. You’re rewarded with in-game currency which you can use to customize the shape and color of your team and each of your Adorables with tons of eyes, mouths and little hats!

Four six game types

Adorables boasts six different minigames to choose from, but three are actually quite similar. You have Association Football- called Soccer for some inexplicable reason in this game-, Beach Ball and Hockey. By strategically positioning your adorable minions, or simply by smashing them towards the ball, you must score goals against the other team.

They are REALLY similar and the only differences I found were: Adorables can get stuck on their goals in Soccer, you slide a lot in Hockey making it harder and Beach Ball has nothing special going on. Having many different designs for balls appear with Soccer was a nice touch, though.

The other three are more interesting. In Capture the Flag you have to exactly what it says on the title. Adorables can take each others flag, even in your own team, allowing for one to pass the flag to the other… or to exploit your enemies and physics to make them pass it to you!

Then there’s Mummy, my absolute favorite. It’s basically a modified game of tag: a mummy takes center stage and wanders towards the nearest Adorable, cursing it to chase the rest. The final, uncursed, Adorable wins a point for his team. And I like how they avoided using the Z word.

Finally you have Last Adorables Standing: you simply push each other off a raft in a pool and last team standing wins! There is a small net that you can use to have your back against and it serves as a focal point in the push-of-war. Don’t worry, they have floaties and everything so they don’t drown.

Gameplay is either turn based and you can take your time calculating precisely how each Adorable moves or simply enable fast mode, which is in real time and you will probably end up controlling one or two of your minions instead of all three.

For single player you can select the practice mode, enter the Tournament in your preferred minigame or go to the World Tour in which you play each of them. The AI isn’t too terrible but it isn’t bright either, it’s awfully predictable. Which is why you want to play with humans, you can host a game if you set up some port forwarding (there is a handy guide here) or you can join a game if you have the IP. If you’re on the same network the game will automatically set you up.

For local play there is the “hot seat” mode, which I suggest you avoid: the player with the mouse has the advantage in fast mode, and if you don’t use it then the second player to make his move has the advantage!

Now this isn’t so cute

The game feels very limited. You have to do port forwarding to set up a multiplayer game, there are no extra modes for online play- so no 16 player tournaments-, and for all the customization you can do with your Adorables there seems to be a distinct lack of music, backgrounds and extra game modes, which could be unlockable and rewarding players for doing well in the other modes- even, ugh, Hockey.

Another thing that irked me was the lack of power-ups, which could really help this game’s longevity, specially when playing against the AI.


Adorables is a very fun game to pass the time with, but only if you’re playing with a friend. It’s quite inexpensive though, so if you and your friends enjoy physics based games then buy a few copies and play! And it’s the perfect game to get young children, who benefit a lot from these type of games.

It could be so much better with some additions, luckily the developer expressed interest in creating additional modes for multiplayer and other features, so this game’s score may be updated in the future based on new content.

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