Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division

The Division launches next Tuesday, and immediately after launch you’ll be able to participate in daily and weekly missions and Dark Zone events- this, of course, means loot. Additionally, each new month will bring a new content update:

April: free update 1- Incursions

The Incursions update aims specifically at squad games. You and 3 friends will be pitted against great odds and tough enemies to survive and get high grade weapons and equipment. It will also introduce loot trading between squadmates during the co-op session.

May: free update 2- Conflict

This one is for the Dark Zone. There is little known about it for now, only that it’s a new feature that will change how it works. It also adds a new Incursion to the Colombus Circle.

June: first expansion- Underground

The game already features expanded underground, but this expansion takes it up to eleven: you’ll be exploring the maze of tunnels and subways that make up the underbelly of NYC. Here the gangs and assorted bad guys are regrouping, and you are hunting them down before they damage any of the vital systems running the city such as water or electricity.

Summer: second expansion- Survival

Can you survive? Gather supplies and equipment in a hostile situation facing rogue agents… or go rogue yourself!

Winter: final expansion- Last Stand

A new threat has appeared and you must hold the line! Set up your defenses, recruit agents and make a final stand!

All three expansions can be unlocked with the Season Pass or for holders of a Gold or Collector’s edition of the game. The Seasson Pass comes along with a few goodies such as weapons, cosmetic outfits, exclusive events and more.


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