Dub Dash

Dub Dash is a new rhythm-based fast-paced game, or so claimed, by independent developer Incodra and published by Headup Games.

Available on: iOS, Microsoft Windows (tested)
Developer: Incodra
Publisher: Headup Games

Dub Dash

Note: Dub Dash for steam is based on the iOS version of the game. You can check the original review from another point of view right here.

Bring out your headache pills because this game is certain to numb your mind of any sensory awareness. The lustrous colour palette which is set to evoke a feeling of fun and vividness at first quickly sanders it down to nauseous coordination to the beats whilst merciless smashing of the keys becomes the only option to get through corridors. It’s a game of temporal sensitivity in that a fraction of misjudgment could set you back the whole level.

Dub Dash is a disjointed psychedelic trip made up of catchy soundtracks and fast-paced action lacking any sort of rhythm-based gameplay it so ostentatiously claims. The core mechanic, which is one of several that you get to experience without having any control over its transition whatsoever, involve careening your vehicle left or right to avoid any obstacle while a music tracks play in the background which may or may not have anything to do with the rhythm of the level you’re on.

What could’ve been an interesting game instead becomes a frustrating affair in its bid to offer variety ending up with an identity crisis, abruptly deciding on itself to give the gamer a half-assed Flappy Bird experience. Then before you could find yourself getting used to this sudden change you end up lurching your vehicle sideways once again to the beat of unconcerned music.

The game isn’t kind in its method to entertain the player. Indulgence in Dub Dash is tantamount to being in a bondage session where moments of pleasure come at a price of prior pain and suffering. Whether you should try this game or not rests on the mere denominator of whether such type of action tingles your fancy or not. If it doesn’t, you know what to do. Otherwise dive into it without any prior thought whatsoever because you’re in for a lurid surprise.

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