Rainbow Six Siege- Operation Black Ice

Season One officially begins!

Black Ice

After some delays, it finally arrived! Black Ice, the first MAJOR update for Rainbow Six Siege, arrived and it includes:

  • New Operators! Available INMEDIATELY for Season Pass holders
  • A freezing new map set in the Arctic
  • New skins, including time limited editions!
  • New spectator mode for all platforms
  • Updated balancing
  • Improved ranking and matchmaking
  • Tactical board improvements
  • Bug fixes

New map!

A luxury cruiser crashed into an iceberg, the team goes to check it out but there’s a mysterious submarine docked near the wreck…

New Operators and Black Ice skins!

Let’s talk about the new player classes available:

The Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) is an elite special operations force of the Canadian Forces- well, this IS Operation “Black Ice”- and the new Operators are:

[column size=one_half position=first]

FROST- Defender


Frost BadgeEquipped with a floor mounted, rubber and metallic spring loaded leg-hold trap, Tina Lin Tsang uses a non-lethal means of immobilizing her prey. The sleek design of the “Welcome Mat” allows for seamless deployment without extensive camouflage. A completely mechanical device that is undetectable by electronic scanners.[/column]

[column size=one_half position=last ]

BUCK- Attacker


Buck BadgeThe Skeleton Key, an under-barrel mounted 12 gauge shotgun, allows Sebastien Côté to swiftly breach and target hostiles, by changing hand positions on his assault rifle. Enabling him to quickly switch from ranged to close-quarter combat. The Skeleton Key is also an effective breaching tool to destroy barricades or create a line of sight.[/column]

The new characters will become unlockable in one week, unless you are a Season Pass holder, in which case you can try them out now! Pass holders will get some of the nifty new premium skins! The Black Ice weapon skin is only available for a limited time though, so be sure to use R6 credits to get them!!


The new update also brings the chance to have an 11th player spectating the game, either recording matches or just learning more strategies improve their ranking! There are some very welcoming balancing patches that make suppressors more effective, some abilities less noisy, the enemy can’t hear your team’s shouts and many many bug fixes. If you use the Tactical Board to coordinate with your friends you’ll find many improvements as well.

The update takes about 3.6 GB and is about a 2.5 GB download, the full list of changes is here.

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