Well, this is a first! Usually a project like this goes belly side up when the money is not enough to cover for the expenses or the game runs into a troubled production. But now, the indie game Ant Simulator is no more because the money was spent in lap dances and alcohol.

The game’s sole dev, Eric Tereshinski, had partnered up with two people in order to start his game company and run the Kickstarter campaign to make his game a reality. These guys:

These guys stole company money to go to bars, restaurants, stripper bars and more. Monce was in charge of financial planning and performance of the company, Staley was in charge of accounting and business strategy. They bankrupt the company, blowing through t

These two assholes, there’s no way around it, outright told Tereshinski that if he tried to release the game by himself, they would sue him. Sue him. For finishing the goddamn game.

“My ex-business partners said if you release Ant Simulator without us, we will sue you.”

“I signed an LLC agreement with them. I trusted them and they had been my friends for 11 years.”

Not only that, but he has to remove all the content he made in his Youtube channel during the time that contract applied, including a series of very useful tutorials, and will have to retool his entire channel and website.

While he could sue them, they covered themselves with the contract and will probably get away with it. Meanwhile, I wish Eric the very best and hope he keeps making games in the future, hopefully not with such assholes. Below, the heartbreaking video where he explains to his fans what happened.

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