Telltales brings Tales from the Borderlands the final installment to the five part episodic series. Will this finale be one for the ages? We shall see as we dive head first into the action.

Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 5: Vault of the Traveler

Available on : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows(tested), Xbox 360, iOS, Mac OS
Developers: Telltale Games, Gearbox Software
Publishers: Telltale Games, 2K Games


Tales from the Borderlands’ writing is brilliant, thoughtful, and extremely hilarious in places, but it is also highly effective through both game play and story driven aspects,  at  making you genuinely care about a bunch of the characters and their personalities throughout the story. It is similar to Telltales other work The Walking Dead, that emotionally set you up to take it all away in one fail swoop. This tale does not end in a tragedy or on a bleak notion, instead the conclusion offers a deep reflection on what it means to be a hero and the dangers that come along with power, along with hopeful messages on life, love, friendship, and having new possessions.This episode in general gives off a great message and feels pretty amazing for a finale. The options you have chosen over the course of the series carry the most weight in the this last installment giving them genuine impact on how the story plays out in its entirety.

The last part is a particular massive one. The specifics of the Vault of the Traveler’s epic conclusion are entirely dependent on which characters you gave aid to in the previous chapters of the story.Did you help Athena’s and Springs relationship? Was Zer0 impressed by your tenacity or determination in episode one? Have you saved your funds wisely or spent them as much as possible? These all play a major factor in the upcoming events, whether or not you failed  to prove yourself to certain characters or earned their trust will deeply affect your options as you reach your final confrontation.

The most unsettling moment in this episode involves Handsome Jack. The big moment regarding his involvement in the series finally makes itself known at the end of Episode Four. It was here where Rhys made a huge decision, that made quite an impact on how things start in Episode Five. The entire first half of this chapter is all about Jack, conclusion  in the most eerie, heart wrenching, terrifying scenario in the entire series. Talking with Jack is by far the most brilliant dialogue from Telltale games in this series throughout. The last few moments though are a real emotional scene that unfolds before the players eyes. Immediately after this touching scene does it bring you right back into the humor Borderlands is known for. This episode is a wild ride of emotions, throwing you between emotion and humor.

Another high point in The Vault of the Traveler that we have not seen from a previous Telltale game is an arcade like action sequence, in which you are using basic inputs to chain combos to attack. This is the most action from Tales from the Borderlands the player will have seen sense the insanity that was the psycho death race in episode one.

Tales from the Borderlands is an amazing addition to Telltale’s library of amazing story driven games. The story is a wild roller coaster ride  from beginning to end  and pays homage to the shooter counterpart in every aspect that is Pandora. The dialogue is always intriguing and keeps you glued to the characters and the progression of the plot. The choices the player has to make matter throughout the story and all have a major impact on how the story will conclude, giving the player incentive to see the outcome that unfolds. This is truly the best take on a story driven version of Borderlands one could ask for, in all aspects this game is a one of a kind pure cut diamond that everyone can enjoy.

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