Well, this was unexpected. Last month, a curious teaser parodying the famous “tipping scene” of Reservoir Dogs surfaced on Coffee Stain Studio’s YouTube channel, hinting at a “new super secret DLC”:

Yesterday the fellows at Overkill announced Day 1 of a crossover DLC with Goat Simulator and it turns out that Day 2 was about Coffee Stain Studios returning the favor! Enjoy the new trailer, guys:

The DLC aims at mocking pretty much everything about Payday. For example, the PRANKNET. According to the official site “Goats pick and choose from available jobs by connecting with the prank.net, which is just a fancy name for a to-do list.”, you can buy masks and in their own words “unlock new, even dumber stuff”, and more crazy things like:

  • Mutators- crazy abilities for your goats.
  • Cars- GTA stands for Goat Theft Auto.
  • Masks- Because it wouldn’t be a Payday parody if there wasn’t any masks!
  • Jets- strapping a high powered rocket to your car is always a good idea.
  • A canon- because your goat wasn’t dangerous enough.
  • Binding- Tie people up and watch them flop around!
  • Masks- I think I mentioned masks. Did I mention masks?

The DLC will be available for $/€ 4.99. Stay classy, goats.


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