Infinium Strike, the Kickstarter-funded strategy action hybrid from former members of Ubisoft now forming Codex Worlds, will launch on Xbox One in Q2 2016 in addition to the previously announced PC, Mac and Linux releases.

Infinium Strike Xbox One 1PAX South attendees can preview the intergalactic battle space tactical defense game at booth 17088 and be the first to play new missions not included in the open beta. The open beta, which includes the tutorial and several campaign missions, is now available for Mac and Linux after releasing for Windows in November.

Set hundreds of years in the future, Infinium Strike takes place in the middle of an intergalactic war between humanity and the Wrog, a race of sentient alien ships that will stop at nothing until mankind is exterminated.  For decades the Wrog have won battle after battle, and all hope appeared lost until the discovery of a powerful resource known as Infinium.

“After pouring our hearts into Infinum Strike for three years, tons of gamers joined our open beta and loved what they saw,” said Dexter Chow, creative director, Codex Worlds. “With such overwhelmingly positive feedback, we want to put Infinium Strike in the hands of as many gamers as possible, so we’re excited to announce its upcoming release on Xbox One.”

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