Colin Johanson, the Guild Wars 2 Game Director just released a pretty meaty announcement detailing everything we can expect from the game in 2016.

Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns

You can see everything right here. For the lazy, this are a few of the most important stuff we will receive:

  • Gliding in Central Tyria: Your glider will work in any open-world map or city in Central Tyria once you’ve earned this Mastery ability.
  • The Shatterer Unleashed: Get ready for an improved and more challenging Shatterer fight! With greater challenge comes greater reward: a new Shatterer achievement category, upgraded the Shatterer’s reward chest, increased the experience earned, and added a unique back-slot item for completing the new Shatterer meta-achievement.
  • Fractal of the Mists Updates:  players will be able to adjust the fractal scale by interacting with the control panel near the entrance, rather than having to leave the hub and reenter to adjust difficulty, and we will receive new fractals!
  • Recognition of Your Support: Supporting your allies will contribute toward event participation in most events across Guild Wars 2. You must still actively attack a target to receive rewards from them, but as long as you land a few attacks you’ll also get additional contribution from applying boons, removing conditions, reviving allies, and healing allies. These will all generate bonus contribution on top of your attacks, so players who mostly heal/support can earn the same credit as players who do large amounts of DPS.
  • Squad Markers and Lieutenants: new squad markers and the ability to appoint lieutenants to take care of administrative tasks.

As I stated earlier, there are tons of new things, and most of them pretty positive. What do you think?

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