Ah, this is gonna be a weird one, gang.

“When the payday gang were ordered by vlad to intercept a truck carrying cocaine,they expected to act as clean-up and collect the goods. Easy peasy. Or at least that’s what they thought. But as they arrive on the scene and see the crashed truck, there are no cocaine packages in sight… only goats… and chaos…”

For those who have been living under a rock, Goat Simulator is a game released on April Fool’s two years ago where you control a goat and hilarious things happen. And now Overkill brings us an official Goat DLC!

Unlocking Jan 14th, it will be sold for $6.99 and the objective will be to capture all the cocaine eating goats that end up in random locations. You get the goats to Boris, Vlad’s driver, who gets the unfortunate job of removing the cocaine bags from the poor ungulates, and wait for Vlad’s drunken brother-in-law pilot and cross your fingers this time he’s sober…

Additionally, all players get a free EXP boost of 25% from Jan 12 to Jan 21. This is only day 1 of the DLC announcement, expect more news tomorrow!


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