Telltale games known for its creative writing in story based games brings us another title from the  Graphic novels (Fables)  that is called The Wolf Among Us. Will this game be another of the greats? Let us take a bite out of crime and find out.

The Wolf Among Us: Season 1

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Available on : PC (Tested), PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita,  iOS, Xbox 360, Mac OS

The Wolf Among Us

This game like the many other in Telltale’s Library is an action story based game with multiple choices that determine how the player will shape the story. In Wolf Among Us the player follows in the footsteps of Sheriff Bigby Wolf (also known as the big bad wolf) and his struggle to protect the many refugee fairytale characters living in a magically clad New York slums. The fantasy noir is violent as well as tender as it hits all the genres staples such as murder, corruption, deceit, self destruction, exploitation, and justice.

Episode 2

This episode dives deeper into your bond with Bigby Wolf. Whether the player picks playing as a respectable sheriff or an off the rails monster, the player will walk away with a better understanding of  who this character is. This episode also fleshes out more of the dark  and amazing world of Fables, and throws you into some truly insane predicaments without a real right or wrong solution.

The Wolf Among Us

The story picks up  moments after the shocking events that transpired at the end of the previous installment. Much of the story this episode is how Bigby and the other Fables deal with the fallout, and thankfully, a lot of that rest entirely in the player’s hands. The dialogue in this chapter is some of the strongest that Telltale Games has to offer. The Dynamic around Bigby and the other Fables provide excellent detail to his character’s personality. However, this episode did not advance in the plot to much which is a minor setback.

Episode 3

This chapter has some of the most memorable moments in the entire series so far. Nearly every scene succeeds in introducing new characters the player wanted to know more about, while fleshing out those who have only trimmed the edges of the story in our past installments, and by providing the player with many difficult decisions with major consequences, episode 3 brings a lot to this already great series.

The Wolf Among Us 2

This episode, unlike the previous one, makes every second of Bigby Wolf’s  tale count.  Entering the apartment of an ancient witch and meeting the one person of fabletown that still holds on to the old world brought a really strong sense of magic to the story.

Equally touching was watching over a funeral attended by a majority of the previous chapter’s cast. While finding out how everyone from Snow to Grendel’ deals with death was truly an emotional scene, being able to decide how Bigby dealt with it is even better.

Episode 4

This episode seems almost insignificant compared to the other chapters. Unlike the previous installments where we saw ample character development, story progression, and heavy decisions, Episode 4 does not seem to move forward in the slightest. However, the opening scene where

The Wolf Among Us 3

Bigby is on the verge of death after the events that transpired in our last chapter helped shine a new light on our big bad wolf. His physical vulnerability is highlighted in a very gruesome moment. To top it all off his relationship with Snow finally begins to show fruition, with the two of them inching closer to the graphic novel versions of themselves. 

Episode 5

The final chapter of Wolf Among Us felt like waking up from a chaotic and brutal dream filled with a satisfactory result. While it leaves some hint of obscurity to keep some of the mystery in the world of Fabletown, episode 5 ties a ribbon around the entire series in expert fashion. This chapter truly rewards the players who have kept up with the details, characters, and events that transpired throughout the series.

The Wolf Among Us 6

This episode begins with a bang, Bigby surrounded by the main antagonist the Crooked man and his nightmarish subordinates. This installment is pretty much nonstop action, but instead of just being entertaining, the violence is there to allow the player and Bigby to come to terms with their decisions throughout the whole season. Players can pick who they want to attack first, in the initial brawl, as well as focus on who to chase in an exhilarating car chase, you surely will feel the weight of every tense character relationship and tough decisions you have had to make, they all build up to this moment.

The game play in this game is also the same type of style Telltale Games is known for which is still amazing in every aspect. The Dialogue is on point in this series with some of the most heavy hitting choices the player can experience as Bigby. This game also has some of the most intense action sequences to date.

The Wolf Among Us 4

The graphics are well done as the player legitimately feels like they are in a three dimensional comic within the world of fables. The environment which is a magically clad version of  New York gives of a gritty and fantastic layout of a city landscape. This environmental design is a perfect setting for this game to flourish in.

The audio of the game is really crisp and easy to understand. The voiceovers are perfect for each respected character as they feel like they are the perfect fit for that persona. Each character is brought to life by the amazing voices behind them with clear and easy to understand dialogue.  The music is similar to a fantasy noir like style which also gives off a great vibe for each scenario behind the melody.

The game is pretty much everything you could ask for in a fantasy noir fairytale based game, paying homage to the fable’s we know and love from the graphic novels. Giving us a variety of fantastic characters and the backstory behind each one is on point. Our protagonist journey throughout this game and the hardships and outcomes he faces are entirely up to the player’s choices giving this game depth and above all personality. This game is an amazing addition to the Telltale franchise.

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