It’s that time of the year again! All praise the Gaben! In addition to making our wallets bleed, Steam released a new badge, the North Pole Noir Sale badge in normal and foil flavors. You can get cards for the badge by exploring your discovery queue up to three times each day (provided you’re Steam user level is 5 at least), you get one card per $10 spent on games and of course you can trade for it with other players and buy more from the market. You can level the badge up indefinitely, but the cards will disappear when the sale finishes on Jan 4th at 10 am PST so get cracking!

There are thousands of discounted games, including:

The Witcher 3: 50% discount ($29.99)

Killing Floor 2: 33% discount ($20.09)

Metal Gear Solid V: 33% discount ($40.19)

Mad Max: 66% discount ($20.39)

Just Cause 3: 20% discount ($47.99)

And many thousands more! What are you waiting for?

sale time


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