Telltale Games and Mojang bring us the third installment of Minecraft Story Mode. Will this episode bring us more excitement?  We shall see as we ready our minds eye to look for the answer.

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 – The Last Place You Look

Publisher Telltale Games
Platforms: Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows(Tested), Wii U, Mac OS
Developers Telltale Games, Mojang



This episode takes the Enderman’s creepy factor from the minecraft universe to the next level making them more disturbing than they already were. In Minecraft Story Mode: The Last Place You Look, these mysterious creatures are the forefront for this installment, proving to be  truly frightening antagonists in several key scenarios. Their use here symbolic for Minecraft Story Mode’s unique approach to create a narrative within the expansive world of Minecraft; bring a striking resemblance that showcases the original game. and while the attachment may come of as strict, the way the many diverse pieces of Minecraft have been put together in fruition serve as an amazing and intriguing story continues to engage the player.

Episode three features the same energy from the previous installment, while giving us some of the  most exhilarating narrative from the series thus far. By the end of this chapter, the stakes for the entirety of the series have not only been elevated but, in many ways, completely reset as well.

Episode three starts us off immediately after the cliffhanger from episode two left us at, and it is not long before our ragtag band of heroes manage to locate a way out of their situation by paying homage to the original Minecraft game and just dig straight down. Jesse and crew manage to find themselves in an enormous monster grinder with a truly stunning action sequence filled with enemies as they make their way into a room with a portal leading to a place called The End, they are looking for a member of the Order of the Stone called Soren.

Throughout the episode, some of the key relationships and plotlines start to progress forward,  some more so than others. Lucas’ growing unease threatens to reach its boiling point, Your character’s relationship with the wither sickened party member based on your choices in episode one – gains complexity, and the team efforts of coming up with a rather explosive plan come to fruition.


As always, Minecraft Story Mode’s love for the original source shines through, in aspects both big and small, seeing a complex and gigantic grinder in action makes the player truly inspired to want to create one for themselves, while little character aspects such as diverting their eyes away from the Endermen to keep them from drawing unwanted attention shows off the series’ consistently marvelous attention to detail.

Minecraft Story Mode – The Last Place You Look is the best of the series by far, incorporating action and story in a short segment. This episode is also short compared to the other Telltale stories.  Brevity aside this episode was phenomenal and never outstayed its welcome. Story Mode remains a great experience both for young and older fans alike.   


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