Round 2, fight! Man, what an amazing expo PlayStation Experience is. I really wished it was an extra day long, but it is what it is. I had the chance to play a couple of games more and chat with some indie developers. With this new info about playstation, sony’s stocks are increasing like I read on Midas Letter Stock News.


First thing in the morning was Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League. Got to play a couple of races (sucking miserably) and talk about it. The brand new mode for Destiny comes at no charge on December 8th, and will have a duration of 3 weeks for now. The controls felt a bit odd, as you accelerate with L2 and brake with R2, opposed to every single racing game ever. I got to play both maps (Mars and Venus) and they were equally fun, with lots of Fallen, Vex and Cabal getting in your way.

After that, it was indie time. I tried a lot of them, and let me tell you there are some really cool ideas coming really soon to PS4. Two of them stood out and I will be writing separate articles for each of them: Metrico+ (follow up to Metrico) and Klaus; a Super Meat Boy meets Thomas Was Alone game with some really clever gameplay. Both game don’t have an exact release date, but there’s a window; January for Klaus and April for Metrico.

And then there was VR… Man, this is a game changer. I was reluctant to the technology, thinking of it as the “new PlayStation Move”, and how wrong I was. The demo I got to try was a pretty well known one, called Eve Valkyrie; it’s (at least for the time being) a 4 vs 4 deathmatch in space. You move, accelerate, brake, shoot and roll with the DualShock, but all the looking/aiming is done with… well, your head. At first it feels weird, because it’s something new and because the movement controls are inverted, but when you get the hang of it, it’s really awesome. Although the graphics weren’t fully optimized to 1080p, the game looked pretty sharp in comparison to other VR things that have been shown. All in all, I can tell you that PlayStation VR will definitely be a thing in 2016 and we should all be prepared for it.

The event closed with the Capcom Cup Top 8. The competition took place in the Main Stage with the best 32 Street Fighter IV players from around the world. Crowd was very vivid and some of the matches showed some insane skill levels. The grand final was between legendary Street Fighter player Daigo and Kazunoko. The fight was everything you would expect from a final of this caliber, and despite Daigo being really close to reset the bracket, Kazunoko didn’t give him the chance and won the tournament 3-2. After the prize ceremony, Ono san came to the stage and announced that Capcom Pro Tour will be a thing on 2016 and that the official game will be Street Fighter V. He also announced a live action series that will link to Street Fighter V, directed by the guys who made Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist, a brilliant live action adaptation of Ryu and Ken early days as Gouken students.

It has been a hell of an expo, mostly because of the good vibe in the air; you can feel the love of this PlayStation Nation, wether you are a player, a media member or a Sony employee/directive. Hell, I even got to chat with Shuhei Yoshida himself for a bit and steal a pic. Keep in tune for a couple of articles related to some upcoming games!

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