Phew! What a busy day! The second iteration of the PlayStation Experience event started full steam ahead with a 2 hours long Keynote and a full house.


The keynote was a pretty solid one, opening with a new scene from upcoming Uncharted 4, followed by an awesome surprise: a Final Fantasy VII Remastered new trailer, which included gameplay! A lot of focus was made on PlayStation VR and, even though mostly of the games shown seemed on a alpha or beta stage (except for Golem, which looked awesome), it’s clear that Sony is full in with this new gaming paradigm. Another of the keynote’s highlights was the reveal of Ni No Kuni II, the follow up to the original Ni No Kuni released for PlayStation 3. You can check the full keynote below:

After the keynote ended we were allowed to explore the 2 fully packed floors and play lots of games. From what I have been able to play, which wasn’t much, Shadow of the Beast stood out as one of the better games, even though it’s still on alpha status.

But what really made the show today were the different Panels on the main stage. The first one was themed around VR and the future of gaming, with members from Media Molecule, London Studio, Highwire Games, and Enhance Games, home to the legendary Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who was presenting his new version of Rez, which supports VR. The talk itself was really compelling and it gave a glance of how developers are approaching this new beast that is VR.

The other panel that shone was the Uncharted 4 one, hosted by Greg Miller and with the presence of Neil Druckmann, Nolan North, Richard McGonagle, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. The panel made focus on stories about the mo-cap set and let us experience the process that takes to animate such a beautiful game as Uncharted 4.

And lastly, the guys at PS I Love You XOXO stole the show, with their live podcast full of laughs and counting with none other than Shuhei Yoshida on stage. It was funny to see Shu hanging with the Kinda Funny guys, without having even appeared in the keynote. And let me tell you, this panel was the only one that got a standing ovation.

All in all that’s what happened during Day 1 of PSX 2015. Stay tuned for Day 2, were we are going to play much more games, have some interviews and witness the Capcom Cup Finals.

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