Once again Telltale Games has released another chapter of Minecraft Story Mode. Will this episode continue to drive us into the story deeper? Let us dig our way through and find out.

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 4 – A Block and a Hard Place

Developers : Telltale Games, Mojang

Publisher: Telltale Games

Platforms : Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows(tested), Mac OS


Minecraft Story Mode “ A Block and a Hard Place” offers some of the best moment-to-moment experiences since the amazing and comedic moments of episode 1. The laughs do not come as often though as what started off as a kid friendly series gradually began to shift into a story with drama, plenty of high stakes, and even character death.

This episode starts off from the conclusion of episode three left us, as the characters deal with the aftermath of a failed plan that would normally mark the end of the story.Instead our ragtag crew has to deal with the fallout of defeat and despair, find the will to persevere, challenge their role models, and put all their efforts into one final attempt at stopping the wither storm once and for all.

Episode four is by far the darkest chapter of the series to date, seeing our characters trying to deal with self doubt and intense situations. This allows for some interesting character development, depending on the players past decisions, leading our characters to go under drastic changes throughout the episode. Our heroes have come a long way from being those childlike figures from the start to now showing their heroism and sheer willpower throughout the series.

Aside from some tough action sequences that can lead to instant death if failed, this installment lads the player to make some difficult decisions. Episode four offers a few decisions that really makes you think and struggle with, sparking some intense pondering on what the player should do.

Puzzles in this chapter are also really well done, unlike some that just require pull or press this lever until it works like some of the puzzles we have seen previously, These puzzles require you to follow the story and pay attention to detail to prevail through them. This adds some fun challenges that could also serve as an introduction to adventure game genres for the younger audience.


Telltale has done something different in the structure of this series that we have not seen from any of the others. Minecraft Story Mode wraps up the big disaster that has been looming over the world the past few chapters. The wither storm that has been terrorizing the world has been dealt with and is no longer an issue.

So that leads to the question, What happens now? The arc that has been building up over the course of these four episodes has drawn to a close,, and what we are left with is a resolution that feels both extremely satisfying and, since we know there is one more episode in the works, The best kind of cliffhanger.What will episode five have in store for us? How will our protagonist deal with the life of heroism, and what will become of our choices that were made in the final conflict with the wither storm? so many questions left unanswered that will lead us to the next chapter in this exciting tale.

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