With the Battle of Jakku being released today (although only for players who pre-ordered the game) we take a look at the impressive Battlefront event held at a legendary techno nightclub in Buenos Aires.

I’m not sure how it goes in other countries, but games normally are not the subject of big press conferences or cirque du soleil-like shows in Argentina. So while I was waiting outside Club One for the doors to open, I wasn’t sure what to expect. And when they did open, I wasn’t sure how to react.

John Willliams’ beautiful Star Wars theme resonated with all the sound system’s power, smoke filled the air, blue lights and lasers danced around and suddenly I spotted… a 15-feet AT-ST standing at the centre of the dancefloor. As I looked up, I found out several TIE Fighters were hanging from the skies and of course, a gorgeous X-Wing suspended above all of us mere mortals.

Two gigantic led screens -I’m not sure whether to call them screens, they were more like walls, but fine- one along the back wall, the other were the ceiling should be, showed little clips and teasers of the game and the Battlefront logo. As I walked forward towards the stage, life-size statues of Lord Sidious, Vader, Yoda, 3PO, R2 and other legends of the sagas watched me from the sidelines.

jakku star-wars-battlefront-battle-batalla-jakku-primer-vistazo-the-force-awakens-1

The host, local presenter Sebastian De Caro, was sitting in what very clearly was an X-Wing pilot cabin and from that position played Battlefront, appropriately piloting an X-Wing in the game too, for a few minutes before getting the ceremony started. That’s right, this was a ceremony now, the Oscars’ got nothing on everything Battlefront had going on.

Characters of all kinds started appearing out of nowhere, a young Obi-Wan, Lando, Storm Troopers with different armors, two Leias, even an incredible to witness perfect life-size R2, that moved and spinned, lights and sounds and all. Vader made his entrance through a security elevator and the Imperial March painting the atmosphere. This was the SW-verse now, and nobody wanted out of it.

The evening advanced with several gifts giveaways including a special SW edition PS4. The characters mingled and took pictures with everybody (I have a great one having a beer with a well-known 3 heads taller than me Wookie). The catering was something lots of weddings would envy, with ice-cream at the end and everything. Drinks from the Oddbins Champagne Range and beer offered all around. At one point I was even expecting massage couches.

This wasn’t only the best videogame event ever held in Buenos Aires, but also one of the best events about anything that I’ve attended to in a long time (no far, far away pun coming, sorry). Cheers to it, and to the gaming industry.

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