Telltale’s Newest segment on The Borderlands episodic encounter has been released. Will this new installment come out guns blazing? Let us prepare our plans and decide the best approach.


Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo

Available on : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows(tested), Xbox 360, iOS, Mac OS
Developers: Telltale Games, Gearbox Software
Publishers: Telltale Games, 2K Games

Tales From The Borderlands newest episode Escape Plan Bravo, presents a change of pace from the chaotic action of previous episodes. Things have been very action-based up until this segment: a group of personalities on the run, blowing up heads and desecrating corpses, stealing money, deceit, and playing a endless game of cat and mouse with angry bandits and treasure hunters.Tales From The Borderlands has been one hell of a ride, and episode four feels like a build-up for what is to come before hitting us all with the epicness all at once.

Episode Four opens with our ragtag group of friends in trouble, with everyone being closer towards finding the Vault of the Traveller, A teleporting vault that is constantly moving and does not stay in one place for long, supposedly it contains a massive treasure. That is what this whole story stemmed from since day one. Tales From the Borderlands began as a story about the ordinary people wading in amongst the vault hunters, with nothing but their wits to defend them. Players have already seen big many big named vault hunter’s aid them throughout Rhys and Fiona’s affairs, Such as Zer0 in episode one fighting throughout the episode, and Athena the bounty hunter aiding them in combat throughout episode three. Handsome Jack the ai living in Rhys head has been entertaining throughout with a bunch of humorous writing. With one episode to go, the presence of these characters in the story up until this point has been a very essential asset. They all feel like they belong there, down to every last detail.

Episode Four’s highlights this time around focus on the interactions of three specific individuals and how their humanity is in question, how the player decides may very well decide how these characters overcome these trials. Many players will be put to the test in these scenarios will they lie to get what they want or tell the truth and see how things unfold, or will they break a friendship beyond repair or keep it together? Players get to decide their fate more than ever in this episode.

This episode Handsome Jack has become extremely dangerous, his build up over the course of the series has been very well done from some genuinely funny scenes, to the awful side of Jack we have seen both his terrifying and hilarious personality. This episode he truly shines and based on previous decisions, whether the player has chosen to take his side or rebel against him will play a big part in how the story progresses.

The most emotional scene will take place in this episode with the spotlight on Scooter, the scrappy mechanic. This will signify a massive emotional turning point for Fiona. Up until this portion, Fiona has  kept her cool and always had a plan for when things go awry. She has been smart,confident, and unwavering in her determination. But this scene finally breaks her, Scaring her in a way that changes how she views her own consequences. It is truly a emotional scene that is hard to watch but, is an amazing scenario that unfolds for her portion of the story.

Episode four has a much slower pace than the past episodes but, makes up for it with the comedic moments,character development,great dialogue, and heartbreaking moments that build up  to the final installment of this intense series. This episode has some of the most funny scenes up to date  but, also has some of the most tear jerking scenes you have seen in the Borderlands Universe. While the episode had a few moments that felt a tad bit boring and unnecessary this episode still felt really well crafted. Many players will be looking forward to the exciting conclusion that is Tales From the Borderlands.


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