Wild Run makes The Crew bigger and better than ever with a massive amount of changes and additions.

The Crew: Wild Run

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developers: Ivory Tower, Ubisoft Reflections
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows (tested)
The Crew - Wild Run 3
Worthy note: Wild Run is a massive DLC that aims to improve the vanilla experience and can be bought as a bundle with the original game. Since the core experience remains the same and it has changed very little, you can see our original review here.

The year old racing game from Ubisoft just got bigger and better. Wild Run includes new trials, missions, cars, motorcycles, tracks, tuning parts, editors, rewards and multiplayer modes. Yes, as you can imagine this is a huge piece of DLC. Ubisoft wanted to fix some of the complaints the community have had since day 1, and it delivered. And by doing so, the game now feels fresh, runs smoother, is more balance and you can notice the changes to physics, crashes, lights, weather and even the matchmaking system. There is absolutely nothing to hate about this DLC. Nothing.

Perhaps – And I’m just being picky here – the only issue is that the original story remains untouched. There isn’t a single extra mission. You can feel the vastly addition of new vehicles and some improved zones, but the core story remains the same. Oh, and that huge amount of nasty micro transactions.

The Crew - Wild Run 1

The multiplayer aspect is one of the most benefited aspects. Wild Run encourages players to group up and complete challenges as a group. Players can also make use of FreeDrive Challenges, a new way to create your own courses –and rules- and share it with others. And now we also have Stunts, a set of objectives created by the game that smartly increased the difficulty for players, making them to think about how to complete a specific Stunt cooperatively. This is a really simple change that refreshes the feel completely.

Wild Run also invites you to take on the Summit, a massive monthly tournament made up of tons of different PvP and PvE challenges. You will be able to show off your skills in the qualifying rounds and see if you can take on thousands of other players from around the world. If you do well, you will earn a ticket. You need three tickets to go to the Summit. Not good enough or you don’t have the time for any specific reason? Well, you can spend some of the in-game money you have earned by completing challenges and missions, and buy your way in.

But why you would want to get into the Summit, you may ask. For starters, here is where you take part in every kind of challenge the game has to offer, using both the classic specs and the new Wild Run specs. All of the points you earn through the various Summit activities – both PvP and PvE – will go toward your final overall Summit score. Every two months, the top Summit players will receive a very special prize in the form of an exclusive vehicle. These vehicles will rotate with every prize cycle, so you will have something really cool to show off in the world.

The weather now also feels live and fresh. Wind, rain and different lights will impact both the game and how our own vehicle reacts, something we really missed from the vanilla version. Obviously this is still an arcade-ish game and doesn’t even try to be a real sim –and it is not and will never be-. The Crew is and will always be something more relaxed and casual, and that has a charm on its own, just like Need for Speed. Combine this with a bunch of new vehicles, competitions and tracks, and you are set.

Graphics are improved. By a large margin. Popping are pretty much gone, rendering distances are noticeably improved and most of the textures now look more realistic and have way more resolution. This graphical improvements is in every version, not just in the expansion, but it is fair to mention it.

If you are a The Crew fan, you will love this new addition. For the price you will be surprised by the amount of additions –specially coming from Ubisoft-. If you are on the other side tho, this could spark you some interest, but the truth is that the core game remains pretty much the same. The game is still arcade –again, not a bad thing, but not for everyone either-. Either way, it is clear that The Crew will be supported in the long-term and will continue to deliver patches and more modes. That can’t be bad.

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