Telltale Games brings yet another interactive story to the table from an original book and TV series called Game of Thrones. Will this adaptation add a new take on the series? Let us prepare for the hardships of this world and find out.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Available on :  Microsoft Windows(tested), Mac, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games

Games of Thrones

Telltale’s Game of Thrones adaptation focuses on multiple members of the Forrester Household and all the hardships of war, deceit, and  political matters that unfold with each interaction the player during the story. There are four different aspects in which this story bounces between, which are the main story which deals with problems at the Ironrath home of the forresters, Mira Forrester dealing with politics and trying any which way to help her family as a handmaiden in King’s landing, Gared tuttle nephew to the costellian Duncan tuttle is sent to the wall for his safety because he attacked some Bolton soldiers due to them murdering his family. He now has to become a ranger to fend the wall off from attacks by wildlings as well as attempt to find the north grove for his house, and Asher Forrester exiled by his family to  essos and trying to survive as a sellsword for hire, now he has a mission from his house to gather an army in the upcoming war with the Whitehills and the Boltons who are enemies of house forrester. A lot of different character perspectives and the player gets to decide out each one plays out.

Episode 2

This episode starts off at Essos introducing Asher Forrester and his partner Beshka the sellsword duo. His scenes are mostly banter with his sidekick, Beshka, and has some quick time event action. Meanwhile, at Ironrath Ethan Forrester has been murdered during his new lordship to Ironrath, but not after hearing about his father and the many houses under him have been presumed dead at the hands of betrayal by the frey’s while preparing for war. Ethan died by standing up to the whitehills and Ramsay Snow son of Roose Bolton, ethan died protecting his sister Talia from Ramsey and paid the ultimate price.He also named a sentinel, an advisor the player gets to hand pick between potential candidates. However Ramsay Snow also made some inconvenient demands on top of this allowing Whitehill and his soldiers to garrison in the walls  and possess half of what Ironrath is known for its ironwood along with Ryon the youngest son as a hostage..Now a new unexpected twist comes into factor leading to a new playable character for this aspect of the story. Gared’s introduction to the Night’s Watch closely relates to Jon Snow’s Story from the book and the show, He also has to establish which members of the Watch he can confide in and which he has to lookout for during his time here training to become a ranger. Next we have Mira Forrester who is the handmaiden of Margaery Tyrell the future queen of Kings Landing confront Cersei  Lannister and Tyrion Lannister of the Crown in accusation of being accused a traitor to the crown by Cersei herself.  Tyrion makes Mira a deal at the cost of betraying Margaery’s trust in hopes of saving her family from ruin. The players decisions here will forever change the shape of Mira’s story.

Episode 3

This episode starts off at Essos , where Asher’s scenes determine where his priorities lie. Whether it be with his uncle who has come bearing news of his family and the need of his assistance or Beskha his loyal companion since he has been exiled to Essos will be put into check quite often this time around. At the wall, Gared is forced to pick sides between two of his companions in the Night’s Watch. This will lead to some interesting developments later on in the story. Gared’s search for the north grove mystery starts to take shape, and with it Gared finally gains a sense of purpose. Back at Ironrath the arrival of Whitehill’s antagonistic son Griff has come into the picture as the leader of the soldiers posted there, in turn making things even more bleak for the Forrester’s Household. Rodrik the new lord of Ironrath also comes into contact with Gwyn Whitehill who only wants peace between the two families. During this conversation she lets Rodrik know there is a traitor telling the Whitehills of all of the Forrester’s plans which leads to some mistrust amongst the house. While in King’s Landing, Mira’s story gets more tense and interesting. She is now involved in a coverup of her own, add that to the tension rising between Margaery Tyrell  and Tyrion Lannister and the player got themselves into a precarious situation.

Episode 4

This episode starts off with Gared in custody and facing severe punishment for the murder of Britt Bolton the one responsible for the death of his family. Gared killed Britt in self defense but, was it was not enough to convince Frostfinger the captain of Night’s Watch of leniency. Asher’s scenes are also full of action, beginning his encounter with Daenerys Targaryen leader of the second sons (a sellsword group under her hire) in relation to finding what appears to be her missing dragon. Asher wants to gain her trust so he can ask for aid in raising an army to fight the Whitehills and the Boltons, in order to do that Daenerys give them no choice but, to aid in the siege of Meereen to liberate the slaves there. This allows for more of Beshka’s backstory to unfold and how the player reacts will determine a lot between Asher and Beshka’s companionship. Mira’s Story continues at a party where she has to learn about the Whitehill’s plot against House Forrester. Back at Ironrath after two episodes of seeing how much abuse Rodrik can endure at the hands of Griff and his soldiers, the player finally gets to go on the offensive and strike back with a vengeance. The result leading in a tense hostage negotiation between the two houses.

Episode 5

This story picks up immediately where it left off, with Ramsay Snow revisiting Ironrath to dish out some more of his intense brutality. This episode also reveals the traitor within House Forrester and their motivations behind the betrayal. The traitor is decided by how the player’s decisions have affected the overall story. Mira’s part in this episode is relatively small, but made for some entertaining interactions between Cersei and Tyrion Lannister as she is once again forced to play a part between the battle of siblings. Meanwhile, north of the wall, Gared’s story has made almost no progress in finding the North Grove. This section follows up more so on Cotters and his sister’s backstory. In Meereen, Asher’s story takes a turn for the worse as Daenerys dishonesty shows and she has no intention of aiding Asher in his family’s issue. This leads Asher to some more action sequences and new allies brimming with personality. The really intriguing part comes at the end of this chapter that will have a huge impact on the final episode is that the player will make a decision that will ultimately change the fabric of the final installment.

Episode 6

This episode takes all your past decisions into account and makes you pay the consequences for the actions that transpired through the course of the series based from your choices and the outcome they will lead to throughout the season finale. Although this episode leans a little too heavily on some odd elements that feel out of character for the Game of Thrones universe, the climax of the Forresters’ story combines a perfect mix of anxiety, heartbreak, and a slight bit  of genuine horror.

It opens with Gared, with Sylvi and Cotter severely wounded in tow, finally finds the North Grove, and it is completely different than what he pictured it out to be. Mira is on  a thin leash as she debates whether she wants to continue the fight to save her family or abandoning the thought and try to save herself from disgrace or severe punishments. While at Ironrath, what remains of the Forresters start to rally for the final confrontation agianst the Whitehills, however they struggling to find a way to defeat them without endangering their little brother Ryon in captivity in harms way.

The game play is still the same style we know and love from Telltale’s formula that is ever evolving to better and newer heights. Great dialogue throughout the player’s interactions lead to some amazing moments based on how the player chooses determines many possible different outcomes. The action sequences are still quick time action events that grant us some amazing scenes that showcase Telltale’s Game of Thrones  bloody and intense situations.

The graphics are simply breathtaking with each scene portrayed better than the last. The player gets a feel for the environment and at the same time sees the effort put into scene based on the background alone. whether it be in a hot desert scenario or a dark forest each scene is of great importance to the feel of this game.

The audio is really well done as well as it fits everything into place bringing everything to life. The voice overs are all amazing with each character giving off either a peasant like aura or that of nobility each character has its own charm and personality. The music for this type of game is also a perfect fit giving us a variety of vibrant to intense melodies for certain situations, this brings the game’s audio and visuals depth that creates perfect harmony.

This game is a great addition to the Telltale lineup and follows the Game of Throne’s original story quite well. This game will spoil some of the original stories aspects so if you have not watched the Game of Thrones it will take away some of the surprises in the series and books. Overall though the story stays true to the formula of Telltale but adds more character perspectives than other titles from their library. Overall, this game is interesting from beginning to end and will not disappoint.

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