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LookAtMyGame developers are well-known for their amount of casual games for mobile devices. Although, we have reviewed a couple of their games that weren’t, like ‘Finding Teddy’ and its sequel, ‘Finding Teddy 2’.

Ghost Cleaner is a casual arcade/puzzle game in the brick-breaking genre that is fast to play and like all those games, pretty addictive.


GAME: Ghost Cleaner


YEAR: 2015


The Game

There’s not that much to say about the game that I haven’t established last paragraph, so let’s get into the story these games always seem to have. A girl, surrounded with chemistry paraphernalia performs an experiment that free the ghosts out of their graves. She asks her brother and sister to help her get them back where they belong. The entire story is told by comic panels and everything goes fast enough to get you to the game in no time. Something that looks like a water fountain/hose/gun draws ice balls that destroy the pink blocks that contain the ghosts (?). The blue ones are also breakable but they don’t contain any. They worked mostly for physics based puzzles alongside the grey ones that are indestructible. By destroying the blue ones, you can disarm a whole net of blocks and take down a lot of them saving shots. You can save shots by getting the ball into some boxes/freezers that are spared in most of the levels.

Obviously, you have an amount of shots available and you lose when you ran out of them, but the game is rather easy and is really hard to actually lose. In the level selection menu you can buy different kind of weapons, like bombs and rockets but they aren’t very useful though, and the common one (the hose thingy) gets you through the game without a problem (at least over the fifty levels I played).

A little note on this, the crosshair is nowhere near where the ball is dropped (follow the stream for accuracy).

Ghost Cleaner reminded me of something in the amidst of Peggle, Zuma and legendary Arkanoid by being a game on his own right.

While the argument is simple is only there for background and the cutscenes made by comic panels are fine and straight forward.


Ghost Cleaner would probably work better on mobile devices, but it got out for PC and Mac, so publishers might think there is something in there to attract computer geeks. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, light (88 mb) and can be run in a pre- 2000 computer, but I don’t know if there’s so much room for a game like this right now. At least not at the 6 bucks price. It feels like a Facebook game and probably there –with nasty microtransactions and life restriction- could be a long-lasting sensation.

The visuals are ok for this casual games (a couple of extra backgrounds are missed), and there are a couple of tunes that don’t bother. The gameplay is fast because there are 100 levels to complete. As a Steam game, Ghost Cleaner comes with 11 achievements and one of them will get you through the game all over again, so Platinum lovers, get your hands dirty.

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