Starting with yesterday’s PlayStation Store’s update, you can now download a Prototype Demo for Indivisible, the new game from Skullgirls‘ developer Lab Zero Games. The same demo is available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac on the game’s official website.

Indivisible can be summarized as “an RPG with Valkyrie Profile combat”. The game features 2D platforming and traversing, a beautiful Southeast Asian setting, and some impressive character designs and animations, as we can expect from Lab Zero.


Lab Zero are currently raising funds to make the game through Indiegogo, and with 11 days to go they’ve raised little over $600K out of the $1.5 million they need for the game to get made. They also announced yesterday that the game will be getting guest characters, including Annie from Skullgirls, Juan from Guacamelee! and Shovel Knight from, well, Shovel Knight.

Keep in mind that, even if the demo is available for download, the full game won’t be made unless the campaign can reach its goal in time. So, if you want to make your part in helping one of the best indie devs in the business, now’s your chance.

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