Well, aren’t we all trick or treating? Indeed, our good pal Gaben threw a good ol’ fashioned Steam Sale for Halloween and some offers are demential. Get right through the list to find these deals:

Bioshock: 80% discount, $ 3

Bioshock 2: another 80% discount and Big Daddy is happy, another 3 $ k-ching

Bioshock Infinite: the ending (for now) of the saga is slightly more expensive, 5,62 $ (why those decimals?)

Keep going dude. You wanted those Left 4 Dead for christmas but your credit card was already on fire?

Get them now for the grand total of 5 $

Maybe you are into action RPG’s? Our hunky dude Geralt is expecting you with Witcher 1 and 2 (both Enhanced editions) at 4,50 $. The newer edition, Wild Hunt, pulled out a 30% discount of its regular price and you can get it at 42 $.

Or perhaps you like your indies? This War of Mine will make you cry for the cheap 8 $ number.

Every Resident Evil is there for you to get at the 8ish $ price tag.


You want more? The Shadow of Mordor took a huge price cut and you can get it for 17 $. That’s a long way from its original 50 $. Dying Light took the same path and you can get half price for 30 $ instead of 60 $.

Awesome Killing Floor 2 (also reviewed in this site) took a 33% price cut and you can get it for 21 $. Pillars of Eternity? 50% discount, you can get it at 22.50 $.

I can go on and on because there are 75 pages of special Halloween offers but it’s rather easy that you get in and game-binge for yourself.



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