Telltale Games brings us the highly anticipated sequel to The Walking Dead Season 1. Will this new season continue on the legacy that the first season provided? Let us once again dust off our old hat and prepare for survival in this zombie ridden universe.

The Walking Dead Season Two

Available on : PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows (tested), Xbox 360, iOS, Ouya, Mac OS
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games


The Walking Dead Season 2 starts exactly where we left off at the end of season one, this time the player lives in Clementine’s shoes as we begin her emotional journey through the ruined world of the zombie apocalypse. Clementine is emotionally scarred dealing with loss, loneliness, and violence in a multitude of ways, season 2 episode 1 makes it perfectly clear that she has lost her innocence.

Episode 2

After being separated by Christa, bit by a dog, and rescued by a new group of survivors Clementine finds herself in a group who assumed she has bit by a walker and are some of them are very  cautious of her story. As tensions run high while deciding what to do about the situation leading to some unfavorable outcome for Clementine. She is forced into a shed to determine what to do if it turned out that she was bitten by a zombie. This episode may be the most biggest one yet, both in terms of the ground covered and the amount diversity that Clementine will encounter along the way. Conversations make up majority of the interactivity in this story and the path unfolds differently depending on who is alive based on past decisions by the player.

Episode 3

Clementine has gained more trust out of the new group of survivors but, had to abandon the homestead they were recently held up in because of the new antagonist Carver. Like the mayor from the original series, Carver is pretty much running a group however, he is sort of a loose cannon. He is hunting down Clementine’s new friends because one of the survivors Rebecca is pregnant with his possible child, he wants to bring them back to his base for safety. The group she is with escaped from due to finding out that Carver is a heartless tyrant and a sociopath that will weed out the weak to protect the stability of his camp by any means necessary. Carver finally gets what he wants but not before Clementine and her group meet some more survivors and to her surprise meets a familiar face among them. However, Nick another member of the group  has shot one of the other survivors with the new survivor camp before they met, leading to some creative and precarious decisions. Luke another of Clementine’s friends gets separated from the group before Carver shows up. A lot of unnecessary  bloodshed and death along with an impending sense of doom makes this episode quite a heavy load to take in.

Episode 4

After Clementine and all of her friends get carted away to Carver’s camp against their will, not long after they meet more survivors as well as try to make a plan to escape using some unconventional methods. This leads to one of the most exciting and most inhumane moments of the story thus far. The familiar face which was Kenny gets beaten by Carver for a minor bump in the first plan that failed due to the outside man Luke was caught. Fear not for Kenny gets his revenge and Clementine puts her humanity at risk during this encounter. During the next plan Kenny’s newly beloved girl Sarita gets bit by a zombie, with the group diminishing with each passing moment this episode is pure insanity.

Episode 5

This takes place After Rebecca gives birth to the baby, things are not looking good for our group it is getting colder by the day and Rebecca is not doing so well. Depending on your choices to rob a newcomer from the previous episode will lead to an intense situation with some dramatic turn of events. This episode is by far the most hexing on Clementine because the most important decision the player will have to make has a real tear jerking scene regardless of choice.

The game play is pretty much the standard formula from the previous walking dead season with a few added mechanics that give it a new sense of flair, which works for all of Telltale’s interactive components of their games. This is still a great way to give the player control of the destiny they choose to pursue based on the decisions made by them. Telltale is no slouch when it comes to riveting dialogue and intense action scenes.

The graphics also stay true to The Walking Dead’s comic book art style which once again does not need changing. This world and the eerie environments along with its peaceful scenes have a balance of depth and genuinely scary feel to them. The graphics add to this game’s entirety giving it that charm we love from the previous season.

The audio is perfect for this type of genres composure, adding proper voice acting, amazingly serene ambience, and above all else the action effects bring this game to life even more so than the original. The music is great depending on the situation it changes drastically from calm and peaceful to your in a serious situation, it has not changed much from the first season however, Sometimes it is so loud that it overwrites what characters are saying making it hard to hear them speak.

This game is great sequel to the original, keeping some of the old mechanics while incorporating new fresh ideas which give the game more depth. Telltale’s formula for a great interactive story has always been great and adding to that to make it better is always a step in the right direction. The music gets loud at times making it hard to understand what is going on in terms of dialogue which is the only real issue this game has. From start to end this game will present the player on a wild ride with intense decision making and extremely heart wrenching moments, Emotional roller coaster would be an understatement. Telltale has successfully made the sequel to one of the best interactive stories in The Walking Dead’s previous season.

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