Telltale Games is an interactive story developer who is well known for amazing story telling and intriguing characters. How does their take on The Walking Dead hold up? Let us choose our fate and spin our tale to find out.

The Walking Dead Season One

Available on: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, Microsoft Windows (tested), Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Developer: Telltale Games
Publishers: Telltale Games, Square Enix (Japan)

The Walking Dead is not your average zombie game, instead of a first person shooter with hoards of zombies to mow down, you get an amazing interactive story that tailors to your decisions. The player plays the role of a man called Lee Everett a person who may or may not have killed someone. Lee starts out incarcerated just before the zombie outbreak starts which gives him a “get out of jail scott free” card. For the next two hours of the episode length your job is to keep Lee and a little girl named Clementine, the first grader he stumbles across during the start of the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead Season 1

This is all happening concurrently with the comic book series. Lee’s Story kicks off at the beginning of the end of the world, so Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the books is still out cold in the hospital. This is a new independent group of survivors with a few familiar faces in cameo appearances. Meeting all the new survivors  while figuring out how to stay alive, leads to what the first episode in this five part series is all about. During the playthrough you will converse with other survivors and your decisions based on the discussions or interactions tailor the game to your choices. Also you will have to make a few choices later on that may determine who lives or dies amongst the survivors you meet. You do get to occasionally get your hands dirty and bash in a few walker’s skulls as well. Like any survival based story you have to scrounge up supplies and choose who you trust, giving this game a more in depth interactivity between player and protagonist.

Episode 2

It starts out three months after being driven out of the drugstore that your camp of survivors held onto until the zombies overran it. Now the crew is stationed at a motel defending it with fortifications and lookouts. This episode in particular test Lee’s humanity putting it in question or keeping it check. Two people coming down the road Andy and Danny St.John alert the camp and have an exchange of words, leading to a term of trade their food for your gas, which eventually leads you to their farm. There is more to this family than meets the eye though which eventually leads to some intense decision making that puts Lee’s humanity up to the player’s hand.

Episode 3

It starts back at the motel tension is high and depending on your choices from the last episode some characters may not see you in the same light as before. A lot more tough decisions probably the toughest by far make this episode absolutely riveting. This episode brings out the most emotional scene by far, leading to some more chaos and a serious tear jerking moment later on.

Episode 4

At the start of Episode 4 After the bandits stopped receiving supplies from an inside man in return for protection our group was once again forced out of another territory because of not only the bandits but, zombies as well, fortunately they had an rv to hightail it outta there. After a series of heart wrenching and just chaos brewing moments they have acquired a train and a new companion but at what cost? Now they are making leeway to Savannah on a train in hopes of getting a boat to set sail to the Atlantic to survive. Lee and Clementine bond a bit more with a few interactions on teaching clementine how to survive in case something happens .Not all will go according to plan it never does but, regardless this episode has a lot of new character introductions as well as more bloodshed and thrilling moments.

Episode 5

This Episode starts out spiraling out of control, Clementine has been abducted by a new villainous antagonist, Lee has been bitten, and the zombie hoard is bearing down fiercely on Savannah. Lee’s sole purpose at this point is to rescue clementine at all cost. Lee is on his final moments during this final episode installment which leads to some snap decision making. Nonstop difficult choices for the final outcome fall in the player’s hands and it is up to you to determine the outcome.

The Game play of this game is phenomenal with its hard choices, leading the player to their own conclusion tailored by how they interact is pure gold. The game’s replayability factor is through the roof to see multiple interactions, the outcome each interaction, or tough decision can drastically change the course of a playthrough makes this game have a lot of depth. The action events are also thrilling in that it makes you feel like Lee might actually die at any point if you are not careful.

The Graphics are really well designed making the player think they are  in a 3 – D comic as the protagonist of the series, with grotesques zombies wanting to maul and consume your flesh or bandits wanting to steal your territory and supplies, Each scene has a vibrant or eerie vibe to it making you feel on edge at all times. There is an occasional technical hiccup with frame drops and occasion scene freezes makes the game fall a tad short in terms of stability.

The audio is crystal clear from the sounds of a hoard of zombies, gunshots, or even common discussion, each element comes in perfectly fine. The sound effects in each scene depending on the situation make this game have some really great variety, anywhere from calm and collected to chaotic and eerie all of it help bring this game to life. The music always brings in tension, thrill, and heart wrenching scores giving this game even more depth of feel to it.

 This game is truly a one of a kind gem that stays true to the Walking Dead comic style with believable and amazing character personalities, some you love others you despise, everyone has a person they can relate to in this game at some point. You get to see the changes in Lee based on your decisions making him into a heartless killer who only cares for Clementine to the point of risking his humanity or a kind loving person that tries to get on everyone’s good side. This game has some emotional moments as well as its fair share of chaotic scenes making it highly anticipated to play.

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