Dub Dash

“Rhythm labyrinths”

Available on iOS (tested)


Developed by Incodra and published by Headup Games (The Binding of Isaac, Terraria, Super Meat Boy), Dub Dash is a rhythm based action game with colorful graphics and challenging levels. The game features songs from various artists, including Bossfight and the DJs of Geometry Dash, so that should be an appealing feature to fans of the latter game.

As for the levels, the game counts with 8 stages, each of them VERY challenging, mostly because there are no checkpoints within the stages, once you make a mistake, is game over and start the level all over again. I found this system a bit frustrating, even though the game has a Practice Mode (not very visible from the get go: you have to choose a level and when you are playing it, pause the game and tap the flag icon) that offers checkpoints and serves as training ground for the actual level. The fact that the regular levels do not have checkpoints makes playing the game a little infuriating from time to time. You should take Practice Mode as a “Normal” difficulty play through and the regular mode as a “Very Hard” difficulty ride.

Control wise, the game is very accurate, translating every tap instantly into a movement on screen, which is very important, as this is a rhythm based game and you don’t want your controls to be sloppy.

As mentioned at the introduction, the game features a soundtrack as colorful as the graphics and should appeal you if you liked Geometry Dash. The game runs without any hiccups and looks really cool, with beautiful visual effects that get along very well with the songs.
It’s worth noting that Dub Dash releases October 8th on iOS platforms, and a later release is scheduled for Android devices, PC and Mac, during Q4 2015.

Should you play it? If you like both rhythm based and runner games, then you should get Dub Dash; although challenging for the first attempts, the catchy grooves and visual effects will have you keep trying to beat the stages.

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