Ever wished you had a gaming equivalent of The Expendables where you could play as your favourite character and mow down enemies in all their iconic glory? Look no further then, because Broforce has got it covered. It’s a game inspired by 80s and 90s action cinema with iconic stars of that era standing in as the explosive cast.


Available on: PC (tested)
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Free Lives Games


Broforce is a throwback to the past 30 years of Hollywood action cinema. It’s a fast-paced, side-scrolling game with as much volatility as a 90s action movie, coupled with enough dose of goofiness which makes you want to carry on despite the ridiculously difficult levels and frustratingly sudden onslaught of minigun-wielding hunks and enemies who run at you with a bomb strapped across their front.

With the entire terrain being destructible means you could go all gung-ho, dropping enemies as well as bosses to their death by simply blowing up the floor beneath them, or you could try a stealthy approach by digging your way from underneath, allowing for complete freedom as to how you make your way through to the end of each level. At the start of each level you only get one life, which you can subsequently add up to by freeing captive ‘Bros’ that immediately assume the role of player character, and the previous one drops away to become an extra life. You never know which Bro you unlock as the entire ensemble remains in circulation.

Combat differs from Bro to Bro as each one has his or her own iconic weapon and special/secondary attack. Bronan the Brobarian for instance wields a sword which can deflect projectiles when timed correctly, and his special attack sends a shockwave traveling along the ground, dealing damage and disorienting enemies. Brade has a katana and does an Air Dash; a horizontal attack which kills enemies and destroys terrains. Brominator has a minigun with a large amount of recoil which pushes him back, with the special move being him shedding his human form to reveal the endoskeleton that renders him invincible at the cost of speed and jump height. But not every Bro displays equal amount of offense. Indiana Brones, for one, wields a hunter as his primary, which is largely useless when facing bosses. The Brode, although a hyperactive sword fighter, cannot do much against bosses and is quick to die.

The game doesn’t offer much variety in terms of adversary, mostly pitting you against small gun wielding enemies called Mooks, some have a bomb strapped to their chest who run towards you at the slightest of glimpse, then there are the large Mooks who wield a minigun and are particularly difficult to take down. Near the end of the game you’re presented with smaller yet deadlier enemies and bosses taken straight from the Alien and Doom franchises. There are zombies with AK47s, exploding zombies, flaming skulls that come flying at you. Facehuggers, in particular, prove to be deadliest as they are far more agile than their larger siblings.

Gratuitous guitars, typecast military paraphernalia, explosives going off for no apparent reason as you cling your way off the stage to the next one, and a tuxedo-clad demon waiting at the end of each level and doing nothing but standing by and letting you define his fate – all these make this crazy run-and-gun shooter a must have in your games’ roster. Offers several single and multiplayer modes including arcade campaign, online 4-player co-op, and a level editor.

So should you play this game? If you’ve been a fan of classic side-scrolling shooters and loved Contra to bits, well, what are you waiting for? Any gamer with a slightest of inclination towards gaming ought to try this nifty little shooter. Go get it!

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