Telltale Games collaborates with Mojang in order to bring us a new spin on Minecraft, one of the most groundbreaking games from Mojang now makes its interactive story debut. Will this telltale story stay true to the game’s style and origins? Let us pull out crafting recipe and get to work.

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 1 – The Order of the Stone

Available on: Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC (tested), Mac, Android, Wii U (planned)
Developer – Telltale Game, Mojang
Publisher – Telltale Games


Minecraft  Story Mode Episode 1 shows some similarities with one of their previous works The Walking Dead, focusing on making tough decisions about which group members get to stay with you and which will get left behind, mediate arguments between your group of friends, and even fight zombies and other creatures of the Minecraft universe. The game however does not have the feeling of dread and despair that The Walking Dead brought to the table but, instead has a witty yet relaxing sense of humor and companionship, which feels like a heartfelt tale that keeps you intrigued by the mysteries and wonders of this story.

The story centers around Jesse, the heart of a team of friends that just so happen to have an aspiration for building. Building in this world is still a mystery mainly because they do not focus too much on that aspect during this episode, instead we are quickly tossed into the thick of things with drama and thrill. The plot thickens to the point of pure excitement once the end of the world scenario starts to surface.

Telltales Minecraft Story Mode has  rather intriguing gameplay this time around, sure there are still quick time events but, in this telltale series you also get a few action sequences where you can fight with the character. The formula for interactive storytelling is still the same with the player’s choices tailor to the outcome of how the world around you changes or who comes along, this formula still works wonders making this story have a lot of diversity in the many different paths you can obtain.

The Music and audio are both pleasant to the ears leaving room for zero issues. The character’s voices come in crystal clear and have well done voice overs, The effect sounds whether in combat, the ambient noises  or in general have a crisp and natural feel to them bringing the Minecraft story mode back to its original sounds, making it stay true to the source material.

The music is simply amazing each score has a different feel to it bringing each scene to life with charm to hectic melodies depending on the situation makes for an amazing soundtrack. Each environment has a different feel to it and the music combines to that to bring out the best for each scenario.

The graphics stay true to the source material as well, with a 3D block like design it really shouts Minecraft to the player, which makes the players feel that they are actually in the world they love from the original but, adding in a few twist and turns in a story driven world.  Even a person who has not played the original game may enjoy this art style alone makes the design shine from this perspective.

Minecraft Story Mode: – Episode One starts out swinging providing the player with many tough decisions that affect the outcome of the episode. Combine that with many amazing action scenes and exciting drama to deliver us a really intriguing story. The game also has great music and crisp audio that further develop this into a well polished gem. This first episode leaves us with more questions than answers, in a sense that Telltale should give the player a little more of information about our protagonist and group of friends so we can get to know them better. Despite that, Episode One is pretty true to the original and deserves praise.

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