Day of the Tentacle, the classic game from the now defunct Lucas Arts, is making a comeback! Originally launched in 1993 as a sequel to Ron Gilbert’s Maniac Mansion (you can play it for free here, courtesy of the Internet Archive) and was Tim Schafer’s first game as a project lead (he was actually co-project lead along with Gilbert). The game will make its debut this weekend at Indiecade with new hand-drawn HD art, remastered audio and music, and special features to boot!

For those of you too young to be around back then, Day of the Tentacle is a wacky story about time travel, cartoon puzzles and an egomaniacal tentacle bent on world domination. Fun stuff! Its an old school puzzle adventure game in the vein of Monkey Island, and any similarities with Back to the Future are a complete coincidence (or are they?).

As with the remaster for the first two Monkey Island games you’ll be able to switch back between the remastered and classic modes, with the possibility of mix-and-match the features. Hate the new look but love the remastered music? No problem!

The game will be released early 2016 for PS4, PS Vita, Windows and OSX. Enjoy the screenshots and wallpapers below:



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