Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

“Batman: Arkham Knight” will go down in videogame history as one of the most disastrous releases ever. Ok, maybe not as bad as the 2013 SimCity release (looking at you, EA!). Plagued with bugs and performance issues, it’s the first AAA game to be pulled from stores because of it, which had nothing to do with the newly announced refunds policy for Steam.

It wasn’t completely the fault of the developers: they hired a small studio to do the port, then the publishers pushed for the release to be simultaneous in all platforms- a recipe for disaster. Rocksteady worked hard to fix the game alongside partners such as NVIDIA, releasing a few patches for people that already bought the game.

Yesterday, a major update of over 2GB opened the floodgates for hype: the game was back. And it still has problems! The DLC wasn’t being properly downloaded, the game freezes for Windows 7 players requiring them to reset the game and for Windows 10 they suggest people to invest in 12GB of RAM.

People are NOT happy.

The re-release announcement also made a promise to give away copies of every Arkham game to players that buy the game before 11:59 pm PDT, November 16, 2015. While people that already have the game probably own those as well, it might attract new people to the series. The other games aren’t as broken, and if you never played the Arkham games before it’s a great bargain! The games will be given away on December.

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