When TBS announced that it would create a CS:GO league and have exclusive telecasting rights many felt it was good for the industry. Right now I can see in Counter Strike’s official website that almost 30K people are currently watching a live match, there is an audience for this and with sponsors and TV broadcasting competitive e-sports can only grow bigger. Of course it is, there is a lot of money to be had anywhere that has spectators (as the gambling controversies can attest).

Which doesn’t seem to sit well with some people, such as former ESPN radio host Colon-sorry, Colin- Cowherd.

In the video he describes what is, in his mind, a pro gamer: “Now he’s going upstairs to his room, a room where a girl has never entered. He sits down -look at that Star Wars collection!- and goes to town on the Hot Pocket®. There is your e-sports champion.”

So, apparently gamers look like and act the part of  the gordo granudo meme, fat nerds that never leave their parent’s basement and never talk to girls.

Do you have any Hot Pockets®?
“All the more time to play videogames”.

Except this is the winning team of the ESL One Cologne, FNATIC:

Good looking fellas!
Crowned champions of the Gfinity CS:GO Spring Masters II as well.

They don’t look so bad. Hell, some of them are downright attractive and I don’t think they live with their parents considering the prizes these things fetch. The next DreamHack will have a total grand of $250K for the winning team, and even then there are the stickers sales!

Stickers are sold to fans to support their teams and that can someday earn the players as much money as the tournament itself! So these guys, while not millionaires like football players or boxers, are probably well off and one can assume mostly successful in their lives. So what is Colon’s -Colin’s- problem then?

Well, on retrospect, this is not surprising. Recently he parted terms from ESPN without citing a cause, but it was probably because of some offensive tweets he made, or maybe he really followed through on his threat of quitting if ESPN thought about making him cover e-sports.

With over 8 million unique players this month alone, CS:GO is one of the most popular online games and it’s been proven by Twitch and others that streaming is a profitable activity. So I hope that Mr Cowherd will change his frankly outdated and offensive views before he finds himself out of a job when he gets sacked for refusing to cover a competitive match.

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