One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is an action video game, developed by Omega Force and Tecmo Koei, which is marketed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Will this game pay homage to the popular anime we all know and love. Lets set sail on the grand line and navigate our destination.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

It is an action, beat em up style reboot of the original anime, where you play as the Monkey D. Luffy and his crew called The Strawhats. The story starts out with young Luffy talking to his friend Shanks, who is about to set sail and start his own journey with his pirate crew. Luffy makes a promise with shanks to become the pirate king and shanks bestows upon him his straw hat as a momento for that exact moment. One Piece: Pirate warriors follows the anime perfectly each arc a different stage set for you to battle it out with other pirates or marines. The previous pirate king Gold D. Roger  was executed however, before he drew his last breath he sparked the search for the great one piece treasure, ushering in a new era called the Great Age of Pirates.


The game play of Pirate Warriors 3 is mostly battling hordes of enemies with over the top combos between light and heavy hits, while obtaining objectives on the map to complete the level and advance. The most intriguing feature with the combat is the Kizuna System, where you and your ally/allies combine special abilities or assist one another to destroy massive amounts of enemies in its path. The combat can be fun but, eventually the repetitiveness of the combos and abilities grow lackluster making it slightly lose a bit of flare later on in the playthrough.

The player gets a variety of characters to play with each with their own unique style to them. Anywhere from a close quarters, in your face kind of character to a ranged specialist making this game one of the most diverse character rosters in a long time. Each major character from the anime good or bad , the player can choose them in a mode called Dream Log after unlocking their wanted posters completing adventure mode. Each character can be upgraded with coins earned from special treasure events in each chapter, where you have to meet a certain objective to obtain.

The Controls feel extremely fluid making movement and fighting more enjoyable as a whole. This makes the game mesh well together and giving the crisp mobility and reaction time on combos perfectly designed. Seeing your character move the way player intends without any frame rate issues or clunky actions in combat make this game that much better.

The graphics pay homage to the original anime artwork style, which is basically a perfect fit, it makes the player feel like they are in the world as the main protagonists of the Strawhat Crew.  The world is just gorgeous in every aspect from level design to cinematics everything just looks and feels like One Piece should. All One Piece fans will appreciate the amazing artwork put together like the anime and manga, making the graphics stand out and defining the world perfectly.

The sound quality is also top notch bringing the original voice actors and sounds of combat you would expect from the One Piece anime.  the trademark sounds of all the special combat techniques and voices are amazingly well done, the sound of hits and attacks seem quite impactful and devastating. the attack sounds get too repetitive though and lose the flare later on making the game lose a bit more flair.

The music is amazing each chapter has a different musical score that adds life to the scenario making you feel invigorated and ready for combat. The music seems similar to the One Piece esque style we know and love making each area have that ready for action at all times mentality from the players perspective. This just brings everything together from combat to story in perfect harmony.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 looks fantastic and plays perfectly, the player gets to experience One Piece as a whole throughout the adventure mode from the beginning of the anime all the way to the Dressrosa Arc. The game has tons of characters to play each with their own characteristics and personality making it have a well diversified roster. While the game is repetitive and loses its flair due to excessive repeated combos and abilities,  the player can still enjoy the homage to One Piece and the story will keep you entertained with its characters and developments of each individual. This game has a lot of content worth exploring that alone makes this game extraordinary.

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