The best Forza Motorsport so far and arguably the best driving simulator on consoles is now here. Microsoft and developer Turn 10 Studios are celebrating its 10th anniversary with twice as many stunning looking cars as before, 70+ hours of gameplay on single player and 26 world famous locations, all of them with breathe taking visuals setting the quality bar higher than ever on Xbox One. And all of that, at native 1080p and rock-solid 60fps in the ForzaTech engine. Without micro transactions.

Forza Motorsport 6

Developed by Turn 10 and published by Microsoft Studios, this new installment in the 10 year long franchise will make you understand the beauty and passion of cars in just the first few minutes of your gaming session. The visual enhancements are outstanding. The level of detail on the 26 world famous locations is insane.

How insane? Well, check this out: puddles form exactly where they would in real life. Hit a puddle with one side of your car at high speed and you will hydroplane your car against a wall. Wet-weather racing effect is something to truly enjoy. It forces you to know your vehicle, and with over 450 racing cars specially crafted for the Xbox One, you have a lot to learn. This is just one addition to the many sim elements Forza already has, and another one to master, like night racing. From the pitch black Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans where you can barely see anything to the artificially-lit Daytona, every location offers -and demands- something unique.

Yes, it’s a simulator, we all know that, but you can fine-tune the experience to fit your needs. It doesn’t forces you to be addicted to car porn. You are not punished for not being the best around. If you don’t usually play racing games, you can make use of different assists. The game is able to show you exactly where to take turns with arrow paths on the ground, and at what speed with color indications. You can use automatic shifts, and you can even ask the game handle the breaking for you. You can even rewind at any point. You have all sort of tools to enjoy the experience, at the cost of rewards.

If you disable all of these, Forza is the most advanced racing simulator yet, period. If you know your way around wheels you can use this to enjoy the ultimate –and hardest- experience. This is where the credit and experience multiplier kicks in. With each race you complete, you will gain experience and cash. The less assists you have, the faster you will rack up money to buy new cars and experience to level up quickly. Each level gained also rewards you a Spin, similar to Horizon 2. You can get a prize from 9 tiles, being the center tile always the grand prize: millions of credits or really expensive cars. You can’t afford the vehicle you want? Well, too bad. You will need to earn the credits. There are no micro transactions.

And this is where the new mod system appears: Similar to Titanfall’s Burn Cards, you can use cards to enhance your crew or take a money-making dare. You also have single use cards to boost the credits or experience you can earn, or to slightly improve your vehicles performance. Yes, this is disabled online, so no one gets an unfair advantage.

The 70+ hour long career mode is separated in five different volumes. All of them have qualifying series where you can pick from street, sport, touring pro and ultimate tiers. The whole experience can be summed up as “Stories of Motorsport” as told by famous automotive celebrities, like James May, Richard Hammond, and Tanner Foust, where historical races are mixed in with showcase events, like racing in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with an IndyCar at over 200mph, feeling the kickback of the haptic feedback system of your standard Xbox One controller.

The Drivatar opponents also return. When you want to take a break from the multiplayer competitiveness, you’ll be racing against opponents trained by Forza players all over the world. Using machine learning powered by the Xbox Live cloud, these Drivatar opponents exhibit the same driving tendencies -both the good and the bad ones- as the real life players they’re based upon. This keeps the single player experience fresh with the erratic behavior of people all over the world, and you get a break from the monotony of the AI.

Multiplayer mode supports up to 24 players across seven modes, and you also have Online Leagues and Spectating. Leagues are scheduled multiplayer race series where you can compete with other 23 players organized by skill level and behavior. Similar to other competitive games, you also have a new spectate mode where you can watch open multiplayer races. Looking for couch party? Split screen is also here.

Forza Motorsport 6 is the most complete and entertaining title in the series so far. With over 450 cars developed for our next-gen console, new and realistic locations like Rio de Janeiro, breath taking visuals and an endless list of customizations, Forza has never felt so real. I, for one, welcome our new racing simulation king.

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