Armello is a digital role-playing strategy board game developed by League of Geeks, an australian independant game studio. Will the game be a knockout sensation? Let us delve into the world of Armello and find out.


Armello is a digital board game with strategy and role-playing elements, with multiple anthropomorphic humanoid animals that the player can select from to start their journey. The story of this board game in a nutshell is as followed, the King of Armello has fallen ill to a dark and mysterious force called the rot. The illness slowly consumes his body and soul, driving him to madness. In response, Armello’s Great Clans have called forth heroes to claim the throne of Armello as their own. Players take control of a hero from one of the clans, on a quest to become the  king or queen of Armello, through completing quest, exploration, defeating monsters, or vanquishing players.

The gameplay of Armello utilizes many elements such as cards, dice, hexes, and symbol sets to add depth to the game’s mechanics. Players use action points during their turn to move the character across the board’s hexagonal layout. During each turn  you can complete quest, capture settlements, encounter followers, explore dungeons, defeat monsters, or vanquish players. Between turns you can equip items, recruit followers, and purchase talents. There is also a day and night cycle  that shift the dynamics of play. Each character has its advantages and disadvantages that factor in depending on the cycle. During the day cycle  the king’s guards patrol more frequently, while at night creatures like bane spawn making night treacherous. The mechanics are well diversified and make the game have so much to offer in terms of replayability and fun. Players also have an intensive tutorial to keep them up to speed on how the mechanics work. Playing against the computer ai in single player or against others in multiplayer change the game entirely bringing a challenge factor that makes the game even more interesting.

The graphics are pretty well detailed also in terms of level design, character design, and encounter design. The 3D cartoonish style artwork matched with the characters and board layout mix well, making the artwork stand out perfectly for this type of scenario. Each card has its own animation making the card’s look beautiful and not just still image. Characters each have their own movement style and action style, making each character have in depth personality.

The music is also very relaxing during the entirety of each game, with a quiet soft melody that just makes everything feel relaxed and down to earth, however aside from that there is not much in terms of music. The music sounds like a soft symphonic style adventure type score with a eerie melody. The music loops though making this the least diverse category of the game.

Armello’s take on the board game genre is pretty unique in terms of mechanics and game presentation. The characters are breaming with individual personality making the game have flair and diversity. Overall great graphics and decent story gives the game life, including the action sounds, combat noises, and exploration you got yourself a great balance in harmony and persona. Armello is also very short in terms of each game session making replayability a key factor for this game.The music is lacking seeing as we only have the same score throughout the entirety of the game, however it has charm in a sense that it is relaxing and quiet. In the end this game is a nice change of pace if you want a relaxing, fun, and challenging game, which you can enjoy with friends or against computers, either way it is an amazing concept.

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