With the servers nowadays stabilized, I will write a couple of lines that, luckily, will give you a grasp of how FOB infiltrations, defense and PF Battles work in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

So, after playing mission 22 on MGS V, you will enable both FOB construction and the Security Team. You then get to build your first FOB for free (the 2nd, 3rd, and so on will cost you MB Coins) in a place of your choice; different locations have different levels of resources generation. When you are all set with the location, you will have your new FOB up and running; think of it as another Mother Base, with its own platforms that can be upgraded in the same way as the Mother Base’s ones, with the only difference that upgrades are performed in real time and not only while playing (i.e: if the upgrade says “2 hours”, it will take 2 hours in the real world, even if immediately after ordering the upgrade you turn off your console/pc).

You may be asking what does this have to do with the Security team, infiltration and PF Battles. Well, it has a lot to do with it. Your FOB is what enemy players will try to infiltrate within a given time limit with the hope of stealing personnel from your staff. Here comes into play the Security Team and settings; the higher the level of the staff within the Security Team and the GMP spent in your Security settings, the harder for the intruder to infiltrate your base and the lower the time limit given to do so. You can also develop Security equipment such as anti-fulton devices or unmanned drones to improve even further the difficulty to reach your platform core.

The platform core is the main objective of an FOB infiltration; the reason behind this is that if you (or your enemy) successfully infiltrate the selected platform right to its core, you will automatically get a percentage of the platform actual staff! So, with this in mind you will want to: A) whenever you are infiltrating an enemy FOB, reach to the core within the time limit. B) You want to build up that security team pretty damn fast, in order to avoid the loss of important staff members.

A cool tip to improve security early in a fairly easy way is to upgrade all of your FOB’s platforms to Lvl. 2; this adds a second platform to each team main platform, making it a larger place to infiltrate within the time limit and harder to reach to the platform core all in all.
I highly recommend testing you own FOB with the different security settings, just to give you an idea of how your defense systems will work in the case of an enemy infiltration. Also, I encourage you to infiltrate enemy FOBs, as it proves to be a really fun challenge and a cool way of recruiting lots of high skilled personnel. To wrap up the FOB infiltrations, if you are playing the game while undertaking an enemy infiltration, you can leave the mission you are playing and join your soldiers to defend your FOB.

As for the PF Battles, this is a feature that MGSV: TPP runs in the “background”, as it does not require a direct action from your side. You are automatically assigned to a virtual PF League weekly, depending on your Rank. During the week, you will be battling the other PFs within the League; each match consists of two battles: one part has you as the Attacker and the other part has you as the Defender. Each battle won (be it attacking or defending) will grant you 1 Victory Point. By the end of the week, the PFs with the most Victory Points will get a Rank upgrade and all PFs will receive PF Points accordingly to their performances during the week.

PF Points is a currency within the game that can be traded for different things, like resources or highly skilled staff. Keep in mind two things: PF Points accumulate, so you can save your Points to spend whenever you see fit, and, the higher the PF Rank, the better the rewards you can acquire with said points.

As for how the battles are performed, it’s rather simple: during a battle that has you as the Attacker, you will have all of your Combat Unit staff translated into a single value, which will be your Combat Value, and will be compared to your enemy’s Defense Value. As you can already imagine, the Defense Value is given by the capabilities of your Security Team. If your Combat Value is higher than your rival’s Defense Value, you won a Victory Point. Then roles are switched, and you will be the Defendant and, again, if your Defense Value is higher than your foe’s Combat Value, you will be awarded with another Victory Point. You can check standings and future PF Battles in the “PF Battles” option located in the “Mother Base” tab, within your iDroid’s menu.

Hope this sort of guide has helped you, and if you haven’t got your hands on the game and are curious about it, check out our review. Till next time!

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