It’s been almost a month since MGS V: TPP release and people is still talking about it with enthusiasm and eagerly awaiting for Metal Gear Online, due to release October 6th on consoles and during 2016 on PC.

But what about those people that have never played a Metal Gear Solid but want to jump into The Phantom Pain? I know a lot of people who want to give it a shot, but fear that they will miss a chunk of the big picture because of not knowing the saga’s story, which is huge, complicated and hard to follow, even for those who have played all the previous MG a couple of years ago.

Snake timeline

This is where Metal Gear Timeline kicks in. A web project simple in design with all the key events across the Metal Gear Saga. A very useful asset in a wide array of languages arranged chronologically with the possibility of making quick jumps between game and game. The mastermind behind all this is Alex Camilleri, with whom I had the chance to speak and make some questions regarding MGTimeline, his thoughts on MGS V and his other project that involves game developing. You can find the extract of the Q&A below (no spoilers on TPP, fear not my friends):

Pol:So Alex, tell us about yourself, as some people may not know you and your projects

Alex: Ok. I’m Alex and I’m an Italian game developer now living in Sweden. I started my career as a game journalist but I ended up enjoying making games a lot more than talking about them. I worked on many small projects as well as collaborated on few bigger ones, and now I started my own game company called Kalopsia Games.

P: How did you come up with the timeline idea? Which Metal Gear was the “actual” Metal Gear by that time?

A: The project started in a very odd way; I had this idea of making a sort of social website structured as a timeline, so I started messing around with AngularJS to make it work the way I wanted (mind, I’m not a web developer, so I am totally improvising!). At the beginning of this summer I thought “hey, MGS V is gonna be released pretty soon and it’s gonna be a mess for many fans or newcomers” so I figured I could make the Metal Gear Timeline (in a way as a benchmark for my original design). It seems like it was a good idea!

P: You bet on that! So, I assume that starting the project must have been a hell of a work, mostly because of MGS complex story; did you tackle this monster alone at the beginning?

A: On my computer I once wrote a long document in which I noted down details about the entire Metal Gear saga. Luckily on the web there are many great sources of information that helped me throughout the entire process. I am still working on the content, currently taking notes to include The Phantom Pain in the timeline, but it takes a lot of time and effort. On the website I put a section in which I ask fans to donate to support the costs of the project (development and hosting). So far the contribution has been honestly very low compared to the amount of visits, but I can’t complain; I received a lot of kind words!

P:Nowadays, how many people have collaborated with the website? You have the project in various languages.

A: The website was designed and developed solely by me (with some extra help of Danny, a friend of mine that knows a lot more about web development than I do). Metal Gear Timeline became viral immediately after going online, I asked help to the community for handling multiple language, and the response has been amazing. I think around 15 people worked (and are still working) on the translations (soon is going to be available in Russian, Arabic and Spanish).

P: Regarding MGS V – TPP: Are you enjoying the game?

A: I am absolutely loving it. It’s a very weird Metal Gear because I’m appreciating it a lot more for its gameplay rather than the story/direction. The controls are incredible, everything happens so smoothly! The illusion of the open world works quite nicely, even though the helicopter sequences break the game flow a little too much in my opinion. Nevertheless, they are small problems compared to the scale of the game. It’s the best stealth game I have ever played.

P: Have you finished the game? What do you think of the ending? Did you like it?

A: I’ve finished the game and I honestly liked the ending. If I try to be more objective about it I totally understand why some people were disappointed and felt betrayed, but I am too much of a fanboy to be negative about it. The moment The Truth unveiled, I just couldn’t believe it, it was a very unique shock.

P: Yeah, I felt the same, for me the ending felt spot on. Moving forward, you also happen to be the creator and owner of Kalopsia Games right? For how long have you been working on it?

A: I officially founded Kalopsia Games a bit more than one year ago when I was still living in the Netherlands.

P: What’s Kalopsia Games working at right now?

A: Right now we are working on an adventure game for PC called POKU ( It’s a game about love and parenthood that plays pretty much like a classic point and click adventure, with the difference that a camera rotation mechanic allows to take full advantage of the 3D environment in terms of gameplay and exploration.

P: Cool! I really enjoy point and click adventures myself. When can we expect to play it and on which platforms?

A: It’s a bit early to say…we are currently looking for a funding partner to proceed more easily with the development. It’s likely to be out both on PC and console, but unless we find a solid budget to work with, it might take some time. We don’t want to rush it! We are a small team of four, so it’s a bit tough considering our ambitions! We have shown POKU at different venues around Europe and most of the players seemed to love it, so this gives us good great motivation!

So there you go, a little insight on what Alex has been doing with this Metal Gear Timeline of his. Thanks Alex! You can check and support said timeline at . You can also check Kalopsia Games website at and follow Alex on Twitter (@AlexKalopsia).

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