Huemory Mixes Zen Gameplay and Blistering Speeds on Mobile Beginning October 1st

How fast are your fingers? How good is your memory? Huemory is ready to put both to the test, and it’s coming to iOS and Windows Phone on October 1st.


What is it? A minimalist memory game at heart. Huemory challenges players to pick a color and memorize every spot on the screen that it appears – and then everything switches to black and white. If you can remember every circle you need to tap, and do it quickly enough, you’ll get a chance to continue your hot streak on a bigger board with more circles.

Huemory presents the kind of “so simple, yet so challenging” quick-play experience that instantly wins the hearts of mobile games. And thanks to same-device multiplayer, it’s the sort of experience they’ll want to share with their friends.


  • fast-paced, color-memorizing gameplay
  • reactive soundtrack tied directly to your performance
  • 5 game modes, including head-to-head local multiplayer and color-blind mode
  • plenty of power-ups and traps to keep you on your toes
  • all content can be unlocked without IAP (though it’s optional if you’d rather speed things up)

Check out the trailer here:

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