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The Comeback

Every comic book fan’s inherent nerd squealed with joy when creator Tim Kring’s Heroes went on air back in 2006. The concept wasn’t original to begin with, but Heroes was in a league of its own owing to its aesthetic style, and multi-episodic story arcs that built upon a larger narrative which connected all the characters and brought the nigh entirety of cast together for a literally explosive finale whilst setting in motion a story arc for subsequent seasons.

Hopes reached new height when the show returned for its second outing, but something felt amiss of all the chaos and superhuman orgy. Ratings started to fall. Fan base started to diminish. Not even Bryan Fuller’s opportune arrival could save the series of its fate.

Fast forward 2015, NBC blew the proverbial horn with a 16-second promo of the upcoming Heroes: Reborn. Although a 13-episode miniseries, the show’s much desired return will feature new heroes, abilities, partnerships, and deceptions.

The series will be spearheaded by fan-favourite Company Man, a.k.a. Noah Bennet (returning actor Jake Coleman), with Zachary Levi’s Luke Collin as a vigilante out to seek revenge on evolved humans for the loss of a loved one. Much of the cast is new but the series’ fans will be delighted to see Mohinder Suresh, Matt Parkman, Rene/The Haitian, Angela Petrelli, Micah Sanders, and Hiro Nakamura returning as guest stars.

The series will start airing on NBC at 8 pm from the 24th of September, 2015. A six-chapter prequel series titled Dark Matters was released on 9th July, 2015, with a comic series titled Heroes: Season 5 set to be published with comic book writer Cullen Bunn penning the story. A date and artist is yet to be determined.

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