The Mordrem are coming!

Mordremoth is rallying its forces, sending armies of Mordrem out of the Maguuma Jungle to test Central Tyria’s defenses. Drive back the invasion, and stop the jungle dragon from sinking its teeth into vulnerable territory!.

If you are level 18 or up, you have until September 14, to help with the Mordrem invasions.

Guild Wars 2 Mordrem

Periodic incursions will be launched to terrorize the Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills, and Diessa Plateau. Keep an eye on the world event UI, which will let you know when Mordremoth is launching its assault. Coordinate with other players to stop the Mordrem in their tracks and earn the Mordrem Blooms the Durmond Priory desperately needs to fuel their research. The Priory is generous with Heroes who come to its aid, and is offering concessions to those who help.

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