Valve decided it was time to give the ol’ CS some polish to the visual representations of the players. They upgraded all the animations and even made new ones for climbing ladders, defusing the bomb and even for weapon switches! This new feedback is useful if you can catch an enemy in the middle of switching weapons. The new animations are seamless and add to the game’s immersion greatly. They also updated the hitboxes so the players can more accurately shoot at each other.

Defusing the bomb.
Defusing the bomb.

Not only that, but they also listened to the roars of fans and fixed a major bug! Now weapons and models will not poke through doors and walls thanks to a new dynamic player culling. What does it mean? It means that next time you’re hiding behind a door, the silencer in your M4A1-S will NOT give you away.

While we’re on that, the M4A1-S was balanced: it’s now less expensive, but it also has slightly worse rate of fire and armor penetration and more spread. The Zeus now costs only $100 for your zapping pleasure and the dual Berettas have better range and armor penetration.

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