Emmy’s Ceremony was yesterday in the Microsoft Theater of California. Andy Samberg was the host and did a pretty good job replacing the fantastic duo of Amy Poehler (who didn’t get her well earned statue losing against Julia Louis-Dreyfuss one more time) and Tina Fey.

Both ex-hostesses were relevant anyway. Amy, sadly, for losing. Last season of ‘Parks and Recreation’ was final season and her role as Leslie Knope surely deserved to be recognized. Academy thought otherwise.

Tina, on the other hand, was relevant because she delivered the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series’. If you are TV series consumer you knew why she was the one giving this award. Tina and Jon Hamm became good friends after his role on ’30 Rock’ and Tina called him again when she needed someone to play the villain in her new comedy for Netflix: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ (also nominated for ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’). So when Tina appeared, the name inside the envelope was pretty much a sure guess.

Jon Hamm deserved the Emmy. Unfortunately, his rivals last eight years were huge. Bryan Cranston (four times), Damian Lewis, Jeff Daniels. He had it rough. Probably, the members of the Academy did with Jon what they didn’t want to do with Amy. In our hearts, she won anyway.

You can check the whole list of yesterday winners here.

(Also, Amy Poehler in sweatshirt)


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