A couple of months after the beginning of the controversial video game, I decide to put what I think into words and generate a load of hate towards me. That’s how cool I am.

No. Actually, I’m not. I thought that, with the hype, this statement (or insight) was going to be highly flammable, and totally unnecessary, and uncalled for. Now that the game has gone its way (the total oblivion), well, I’m finally able to speak my mind.

GAME: Hatred
YEAR: 2015
DEVELOPER: Destructive Creations

First of all, this is not a review of the game. The proper one is being written by another writer of the site.
Second, I won’t pass judgment on the content of the game. Or better put, I will, but mostly on what has generated over the fandom.



Every little thing ‘Destructive Creations’ made since the announcement of the developing of the game was to generate exactly what it generated. Proper scandal. The game itself came second. A year or so discussing the motivations of the lead character, and some of us didn’t have a clue of the visual perspective. Granted, probably, in some of the interviews and analysis, it was revealed, but it got buried over a ton of controversy statements and cross fire between the devs, the gaming press, and the gamer fandom divided in two factions: the ones that despised the concept of Hatred, and those who loved it and –Gamergater style- shat all over the place.
Now, this is exactly what ‘Destructive Creations’ wanted on the first place. Scandal, controversy, outrage. When you need that kind of debate to make yourself known, you aren’t confident enough of what you are creating. And with the game delivered, is understandable.
Hatred is not, by any chance, a great game.
The isometric perspective doesn’t work as expected. While the visuals are OK (Unreal Engine 4), it would have worked better a third person behind the character view, or even an old fashioned FPS. What kind of immersion do you get with that God view? I would estimate that ‘Destructive Creations’ was going to ‘you are the insane killer’ approach. It doesn’t. It doesn’t work.

So Hatred

You are a dude so full of rage (and so Jackie Estacado) that begins a ‘Genocide Crusade’ over the streets of New York. Police, SWATS, civilians, and every one in your way that can turn to be a victim of your AK 47.
The Poland developers, who were involved in the creation of ‘Painkiller’, simply ran out of ideas (perhaps, they never had a lot of those) and decided to put on a set of common places without any kind of plot. There’s none. Genocide is not a plot. In fact, killing people is not genocide either, and hating everything does not make you a ‘Crusader’. Simply put: you are a madman with a rifle. Trying to cover that fact with a veil of politics is just so very wrong. And having connections with neo-nazi morons does not help your argument either.
Jaroslaw Zielinski, CEO of ‘Destructive Creations’ stated that the game is just a big metaphor of something, proposing the player to question himself the purposes. The purposes of what? Of teen angst? Teen angst is all covered with pimples, love failures, and parents divorcing.
‘Hatred’ fails at everything and the review scores are destroying it. Just checked whatever gaming site you respect and see it. All this deal was managed so poorly that NeoGAF shut his gates to anything ‘Hatred’ related. And I’m saying this because NeoGAF is a forum I respect a lot: that move has so many shades of wrong. Nothing works better for the hype and desire than prohibition. Nothing at all. At the moment you forbid your son to drink alcohol is the moment he goes to the store to get a six-pack with a fake ID. We all failed at the exact moment last October when the first trailer of this game was released. We all charge against it, and some moronic brains out there shout out that this game development should be put to sleep. No man. Why? It’s just a game. We were the ones that turn it into a CAUSE. Now it’s a political cause between the ‘politically correct’ and the ‘anti censorship’. And it’s hard not to be on these last ones side. Because they have every right to want to play the game. Their first argument is so straightforward that you have nothing more to agree. All shooter games are about killing people. Famed and positively reviewed GTA saga is all about killing people, and that include civilians. But you can decide not to because is not the purpose of the plot. And that decisions work in your favor or against you. ‘Hatred’ doesn’t have that. It’s ‘Postal’ with no fun and in shades of grey.
Even so, it’s a fair argument. ‘Let me kill people in that game’. Sure, why not? But don’t tell me It’s a good game. You are lying.

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