Vogelsap’s first-person asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, The Flock, creeps on to Steam and The Humble Store Aug. 21st for $16.99, thus beginning its limited life span governed by the actual in-game deaths of its players.
The Flock Logo
Gamers who pre-order The Flock on either the Humble Store or Vogelsap’s website, or buy the game during the launch week on Steam or the previously two mentioned online stores, will receive an extra buddy-key so a friend can share in this unprecedented gaming event. All gameplay related DLC will come free of charge.
When the game launches, the Flock’s population counter will be set at 215,358,979. With every in-game death of a member of the Flock, the population counter will tick down by one. When the total reaches zero the game will no longer be for sale on Steam and only those who already own The Flock will be able to take part in the next phase of the game. This last phase will come to an end with an unannounced climactic finale. The only reason Vogelsap would adjust the population counter would be if they release The Flock for consoles.

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